Are You Keen To Know How to Become Canada Permanent Resident?

Most of the people are not just concerned about the immigration, rather, they are much more farsighted and they are always in need of more. So, mere immigration is not the stuff that they reach out for, they are looking for Permanent Residency (PR) as well.

Now, to an extent the immigration affair is possible, but when it comes to giving the PR status, most of the countries are reluctant. Say, if you just take an example, if you have been transferred to the US or Canada or on-job-training, no matter how well you perform in the training, but the country will never ever offer you a job, but the situation is different in case of foreign education.

how to become the permanent resident in Canada

Canada Permanent Resident

In such situations, the economy wants to retain the individual that they have trained all the while to exploit their talents. But for those who have not got the education in these foreign lands, it almost seems impossible for them to gain prominence in the movement pursuits. So, if you are wondering that how to become a permanent resident in Canada, you will have to undergo a tough fight to make the possibilities certain.

Now, the most contentious challenge is to procure the visa. In the first place, you must be through with the immigration laws and the Maple Leaf Country condemns non-skilled immigration. So, if you are not skilled then forget about the immigration and the PR status.

So, for all those immigrants that have been reeling to make a mark, if you want to know how to become the permanent resident in Canada, there are only two ways that can help you move with ease. In the first place, you can either go for Entrepreneur Investor Visa or Business Visa, and if you are not that fortune enough to have a huge wallet, you can try the Provincial Nomination Programme (PNP).

It has given the leverage to all the provinces in the Maple Leaf Country to pick the right candidate from the “Express Entry” profile who failed to move under the system, and they can self nominate those individuals to move to the overseas hotspot.

The PNP programme has been a game changer writing unprecedented records in the history of the Canadian immigration and this year the cap has been increased in Manitoba by 5,000 more applicants.

So, if you are applying for Canada under the PNP programme and luck enough to move, you can also apply for the permanent resident status and get the application rightfully considered and accepted. This is another way for immigrating to Canada and getting the PR status, but the road to the destination is tough under the PNP Programme.

But if you are going for the Investor Immigration Programme, you will not have to face challenges to that level in that case. The Business Investor Programme will ensure that you invest in those areas in Canada that have been facing backwardness, and if you could make that count, you are through with the PR status.

But the Investor Immigration Programme to get the permanent resident is not that easy. You will have to invest in total CAD$ 8, 00,000 for the period of five years. The most beneficial part of the investment is the redemption that you get after the completion of the stipulated time.

The moment the time of the investment nears completion, you will be reimbursed the amount in full. At the same time, you will also get to have the permanent resident status of the nation. So, the programme prints a win-win situation for the immigrant but the investment is colossal and it is not meant for all.

But if you have investments in hand, you can definitely bank upon this program and get the answer of the question how to Get The Permanent Resident of Canada. For any further queries, it is always a good idea to reach to an immigration attorney that can help you to make a difference.

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