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Latest Quebec immigration news is the announcement of Quebec Kathleen Weil in regards to the reopening of online skilled worker program, also referred as the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP). Starting June 13, 2016 the overall quota skilled worker visa applications will be closed to 10,000 out of which 5000 will be for skilled worker visa application. The second batch of 5,000 visas will be announced later in the same year.

There was a huge delay initially where more than 42,000 skilled worker visa applicants were left in the pending status. More than 42,000 skilled workers, who applied for a visa, were forced to wait without any specific reason. Since 26 February 2016, when the applications were accepted, trained workers have received no updates.

As per some experts on the issue, it was assumed that the reopening of the online application system, for the February 2016 intake, would be the last of its kind. There were many speculations regarding changing the current economic immigration system, and converting it into a system that is very similar to the well known Express Entry system.

It was also recommended by the experts to change the current economic immigration system of Quebec, and change it with the similar immigration system, as it is for the rest of the nation.

As per the latest Quebec immigration news, you will be required to make a Declaration of Interest under the Express Entry system.  Based on it, it will be decided by the concerned authorities whether to consider your application for further levels, or to completely discard it.

Canadian Visa–Application Dates

As per the latest Quebec immigration news, the following information with reference to the P Quebec skilled worker visa applications was released by MIDI:

From June 13th – till 20th, 2016:

This will be the First Reception Period. In order to submit the application for a Quebec Certificate of Selection (also known as CSQ), the applicants are required to create an online user account. After the account creation, they can submit their application for CSQ (Quebec Certificate of Selection). The required fees will also be submitted through online mode only.

The important point to be noted here is that there will be a cap on receiving the number of applications and that is 5,000. In other words, only 5,000 applications will be received during the First Reception Period even as it will be on the ‘first come first served’ basis.

From June 20th, 2016 – till March 31st, 2017

This will be the Second Reception Period. In this period also the applicants will be required to create an online user account to submit their application for a CSQ and also for paying the required fees. Like the First Reception Period, there will be a cap on receiving the number of applications which have been set to 5000. The applications received will be on the ‘first come first served’ basis.

Any application which has been submitted for a Quebec skilled worker visa outside of the allotted time (ie after the above mention period March 31st, 2017) will not be considered.

The candidates–who are eligible under the Quebec Experience Programme or the applicants who have received validated employment offer–are free to apply even outside of the allotted time. Eligible aspirants under the Quebec Experience Programme are not restricted for applying during the specified periods. They are exempted.

Similar exemption has been made for students with valid study permit and also for the workers who pose valid work permit.

The above stated time restrictions (From June 13th – till 20th, 2016 & From June 20th, 2016 – till March 31st, 2017) are applicable only for those applicants who are applying under the Quebec Experience Programme.

As per the Quebec immigration news agency, the QSWP visa program (The Quebec skilled worker visa program) features more than 75 appropriate occupations. It also includes the areas of training which make the applicant eligible the QSWP visa programme without a valid job offer.

There is a range of study courses that offers points to applicants and also to their spouse. The courses also offer an exemption of obtained in Quebec which means whether diplomas acquired outside of the province or obtained within it from any recognized Quebec institute or college equivalent will be considered as eligible.

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