Get Canada Investor Visa via Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme & Move Overseas Permanently!

Do you know that to become a permanent resident in Canada the Investor Visa path can be a very good option for you? Yes, it is true! Grab the prized Canada Investor Visa for the object via the Investor Visa option offered by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and shift to the overseas hotspot on a permanent basis!

The Maple Leaf Country is one of the most extensively visited overseas destinations even as the modern and highly safe nation provides the immigrants a wonderful standard of life in a multicultural and progressive society, all at a reasonably priced cost of living.

If we talk about the business and investment opportunities there in, well, the Maple Leaf Country scores on this front also. It is a wonderful place to do business and expand it overseas. The government’s pro-business policies and amazing support offered to the business migrants means your business will not only flourish but you will also get a Permanent Residence Visa (PRV), in return for the investments that you make or the business you launch in the overseas hotspot.

Federal Immigrant Investor Programme (FIIP)

For this purpose, you will require a Canada Investor Visa and apply for it through the Federal Immigrant Investor Programme (FIIP).

Earlier, the Canadian Government ran the FIIP for those who were keen but now it is not available anymore as the government has brought down curtains on the very popular programme. In February 2014, Ottawa shut down the extremely popular FIIP, closing the door on 59,000 candidates whose pending files were revoked right away.

Significantly, numerous of these former aspirants from the federal scheme are still keen to get the prized Canadian citizenship via the investment route, however, and as a result, the next QIIP opening may hit upper limit soon.

Coming back to the closure of the federal programme, you do not need to feel bad as the doors of this wonderful country are still wide open for the enterprising investors/businessmen, like you, and you can still get PRV as an investor/businessman in the country.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme (QIIP)

For this purpose, you will have to apply under a different programme though. And that programme is the QIIP.

Launched way back during 1986, the exceedingly successful QIIP provides qualified high net worth individuals & families across the globe the wonderful chance to move to the popular French-speaking province. With the recent closure of the nation’s FIIP–as mentioned earlier–the special QIIP is the only option left to get a Canada Investor Visa.

The QIIP is presently obtainable to global business individuals, and to use it you have to make an identical investment. Successful QIIP aspirants will get an unconditional Investor Visa for Canada which will be basically a PRV and they will get a chance to start living, doing a job business anywhere in the nation at once, without any restrictions whatsoever.

Besides, kids of new investor immigrants will receive the right to start pursuing studies in the overseas hotspot eve as they may apply to the local Canadian schools & universities as a Canadian resident as against a student from abroad.

QIIP Requirements

As per the latest information, the QIIP became available again on September 10 2018, to allow 1,900 new petitions, with a bigger investment threshold and superior net worth requirement:

The requirements are:

  1. The applicant must have legally acquired personal net worth of $2 million.
  2. They must have two years of appropriate management or business experience within the five years preceding the application.
  3. They must make an investment of $1.2 million into a passive administration assured investment, for a time-frame of five years. No interest will be given.
  4. They must plan to settle in the region.

The QIIP is passive in nature, it denotes that the aspirants are not required to either set-up or enthusiastically run a business in the region.

Successful candidates will be given a selection certificate from Quebec for the object of immigration to Canada, and it will permit them to get PR in the nation in the wake of health and criminality checks done by the Federal immigration officials.

Now go and apply for the Canada Investor Visa through the QIIP! Speak to us for the latest updates and all kinds of help and guidance on the subject!

Summary: Get Canada Investor Visa through the Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme!

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