All You Need to Know About General Skilled Migrant Programmes 2015

What is best about Australia that makes many people go just crazy about it? Well, categorically speaking, this place is free from any threats of terrorism, and has optimum environment, a stable government, best life standards that one can ask for in the world. The list is long, however, if you just consider these, then they are enough to compel you to think about Australia immigration.

This year, the government is turning dynamic with respect to immigration, and they have launched some General Skilled Migrant Programmes in 2015 for streamlining the movement of aspirants. So, you can definitely do great, if you have Australia flashing hard at the back of your head.

In case you go by record, this country provides the best Medicare, health benefits, education, work culture, food. So, if by now you are influenced, then you are not naïve, it would make any normal individual get attracted towards it.

This year, like many other countries, Oz has also revamped its immigration programmes and brought new amendments in the fore. The General Skilled Migrant Programmes of 2015 are some vivid examples of the unprecedented changes that have hit the Australian immigration.

Hence, in case you didn’t get time to go through the newspapers to get all the updates on this programme, you don’t have to worry anymore. This piece will simplify everything in the best possible way.

The new programmes that would flex their muscles have introduced new operational ceilings that the programme demands for movement of people to the immigration hotspot. From the start of this year, the state nominated visas have been dealt away with.

Under the Skilled Migration Visa Programme 2015, you can apply for your stay in Oz under Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa and Skilled Regional Subclass 489 Visas. These two would help pave the way for the movement to Down Under this year.

If you are availing these visas to move to the nation, what are the things that you must watch out for?

1. When you apply for Skilled Migrant Programmes of 2015, your age would be in the reckoning. Your age must not go beyond 50 years in the first place.

2. Language is a priority in the nation, and basic level of understanding of English is mandatory to help you move to it. You must have speaking acumen of English to help streamline the movement.

3. If you are applying under the Skilled General Migration List, the work that you have made as your base that you do in your native land for movement must appear in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Australia. It is of paramount importance; else your application would stand terminated.

4. There is also skill assessment test that you must take and meet with all the requirements for streamlining the movement. If you are able to meet with all the parameters that the authorities seek, you can definitely get leverage while movement.

5. You would also be assessed based on the health. You must be fit enough to work and land in the country, and you should bear a character certificate from police station of your country that you are free from any crimes ever committed.

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