For US Immigration No Visa Better Than H-1B

There is a dearth for skilled and highly professional individuals in each and every country. And, even if they are in plentiful, the numbers are not enough to satiate each and every sector. So, the probabilities are greatly shaped with different visa categories up for grabs that can help fulfill the requirement in time of need.

H-1B Visa
H-1B Visa

The same goes with the US—the leading global economy. Being the driving force of the world and a very dynamic economy, there is an increasing need of the trained manpower there in, to meet with the demand. The diverse sectors are specific and their requirements are inadequate, in the process, leading to a demand of highly trained professionals to take the charges, for bettering and improving the growth and development.

H-1B Visa

But such pursuits mean that you have to call them and they may wish to stay back in the US, but the H-1B Visa category helps to keep these problems and apprehensions at bay. Under it, the employers in the nation can sponsor workers from any of their branches, subsidiary and affiliate to come in the mother company and render their services, for a specified period of time.

This visa is basically a non-immigrant visa, and it only allows the immigrant to stay there for a short period of time. But this visa cannot be applied for by the foreign worker, rather, in this type of visa application, the petitioner has the power to sponsor the immigrant they want to see move.

Though this visa is a non-immigrant visa, with its help, the immigrant can live in the overseas hotspot for a period of 6 years at the maximum. Within the time span of 6 years, the immigrant can take their spouses and children below the age of 21 years with them to the overseas hotspot.

Now, as a matter of fact, you are wondering about the quota and the number of these visas that can be processed. Well, the numbers are entirely in the hands of the Congress. It has the sole power to increase and decrease the visa cap as per the specific need of the economy.

But as a foreign worker, it is important that you have the right qualifications that you must meet with for streamlining the visa. The qualification should justify with the requirements that is sought by the nation for that particular job.

For occupations in IT, Architecture, Engineering, Mathematics, Physical Scientific Research, Social Science, Biotechnology, HealthCare/Medicine, Education, Law, Accounting, Business, Theology, Arts, Computing, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Sales, Recruiting, and Telecommunication, it is vital and of a great importance that you have 3 years of degree duly supported by a 3 years of work experience in the respective field where you have been called to deliver your services.

Once you are done with this, the employers or job-providers can easily nominate the right person who can take the job and do it for the specified period of time till it is demanded. But the possibilities do not end here at all.

Under the H1-B Visa, you are served with dual purpose. Firstly, you can travel to the destination with the help of the visa and at the same time, unlike other non-immigrant visa, with the help of this visa, you can apply for the Green Card and redeem the status of yourself as the citizen of the US.

But the sponsorship for the Green Card must come at the hands of the employer. The employer must make the authorities in the country believe that the worker could be a rich resource for the economy and after that the USICIS–the apex visa and immigration body of the nation–can take the stand and process the application for the Green Card as per the need of the situation.

If you are lucky enough to have got the H-1B Visa category to move to the widely loved and preferred destination, you can look forward to the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) as well in big time.

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