For Obtaining USA L1 Visa Using Services of Professionals Recommended

The USA L1 Visa is a non immigrant temporary visa and valid for only short trips. However, the duration varies from one country to another. It is an important Intra Company Transferee Visa which allows companies operating from the US to transfer certain class of employees from their offices in foreign countries to the offices in the US.

If the petition is approved, the aspirant gets an opportunity to live and work in the US permanently. There are mainly two types of employees who are eligible to acquire USA L1 Visa– the first is managers/executives eligible to acquire visa or up to five years, and the second is specialized knowledge staff entitled to acquire visa for up to seven years.

A large number of professionals aspire to get international exposure. Such people are especially eager to live and work in the USA. As compared to other visas, it is rather easy to acquire USA L1 Visa, thanks to the exclusive services offered by Immigration experts.

Professionals who are transferred to the USA office seek the services of these experts in order to make their journey smooth and hassle-free. These experts will not only help you Get USA L1 Visa but also provide you with post landing assistance.

If you wish to gain experience of working in the USA, you must not take a chance and consult an immigration consultant at the earliest. An expert in the field will give you in-depth information about the complete procedures and documents required to make your visa application complete.

Though acquiring L1 Visa is not a difficult task, one needs accuracy and dedication. At certain times, candidates tend to miss the golden opportunity as they fail to submit the complete application with complete supporting documents. Here, immigration experts play an important role and their services are valued the most.

These professionals provide accurate service and make sure neither you miss a deadline nor you miss a supporting document. It is their responsibility to ensure that the consulate in their native country receives a complete application within the given time frame. Hence, they keep you stress free.

Just to smoothen the process let’s have a look on some of the major requirements under the category!

  1. Candidate cannot submit their own application. It has to be processed by your sponsoring company on your behalf. However, immigration experts can play a crucial role.
  2. The visa is not open for general candidates but only for managers/executives and special knowledge staff.
  3. To qualify, the candidate must have minimum one year of work experience in the last three years.
  4. Along with the application, a letter from your sponsoring company is required stating that your services are required in the USA office of the same company.
  5. The candidate must agree to return to his native country once he completes his official responsibilities.
  6. The aspirant must hold similar position and performed the same responsibilities as he is about to perform in USA office.
  7. It must be an intercompany transfer and not a new job with a new employee.
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