Flourishing British Job Market Makes UK Immigration Very Popular

The UK has the fifth developed economy in the world, and is the third most developed economy in Europe, just a step behind of Germany and France. With a population of more than 30 million workers, it is perhaps the best place to live and work.

Its growing job market makes it the best place to work in Europe even as many of its cities have been transformed into major international business hubs. After recession, the country has fast become a popular immigration destination for international graduates who wish to kick start their career.

Excellent work culture and broad range of industries, with ample of job opportunities, make UK immigration highly popular.

UK Immigration

Due to many reasons, Britain has been a top notch immigration destination though the unemployment rate has been a matter of concern for quite some time. Now since the economy is booming, many big and small cities are on the lookout for skilled and semi-skilled workers who can instantly starting contributing towards the country’s economic growth, and bring economic prosperity through their skills and talent.

Job Market

The country’s economy is highly competitive; the service sectors dominate the national economy; business, banking and insurance sectors remain the key force. The demand of trained skilled workers is comparatively high in some particular sectors, such as engineering, teaching, IT, banking, healthcare and retail, among many others.

Working Condition

If UK immigration is on your mind and you are looking for suitable job opportunity in the nation, then you must know about the country’s work condition.

On an average, a skilled worker in the UK works from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. The working hours are fixed, approximately 48 hours a week, unless you decide to increase it. It is also possible to work part time or opt for flexible work hours.

Once you start working, you are required to pay income tax. It is applicable on the amount you earn as wages or profit you make, if you are self-employed. However, most of the people opt for personal allowance through tax free income which is roughly 10,000 dollars. The prevailing tax rate is 20%.


If you speak English fluently, your chances of getting a good job are high. However, if you speak any other language rather than English, then it is an added advantage as the majority of the local population speaks English only.

As per some reports, at present, there is a severe shortage of English teachers in the country. If you speak English fluently, and hold a university degree, than you may come to the UK as English teacher, and join local schools or college.

Work Visa

You are required a Work Visa to enter the country legally. You may apply for the same at the British embassy/consulate in your country. You may also apply for a Sponsor Visa provided your employer agrees to sponsor you. Under the Sponsor category Tier 2 Sponsor Visa is most suitable. Apart from these, there are many other categories to choose from.

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