Find Out About Eligibility for Australian Permanent Residency, Move Overseas!

Australia Skilled ImmigrationAustralian Permanent Residency attracts many candidates from overseas. People live their life dreaming PR of the nation. It’s the multiple benefits that lure migrant to Oz. He enjoys living freely in the country and there is no objection on his movement in and out of the country. His visa allows him to enter and exit as many times as he wishes. For enjoying these advantages, a person should know the eligibility for Australian Permanent Residency (PR).

Immigration is made possible by the Australian Points Based System. His eligibility is measured on the basis of the points scored under the system. This is the basic requirement that a person needs to fulfill while expecting hassle-free movement to the Kangaroo Land.

Basis of Points

  • Age–This is one factor on which the migrant’s eligibility for Australian PR depends. As the nation welcomes youngsters, more points are obtained by them. The applicant in the age group of 25-32 scores as high as 30 points under this section. While applying the applicant need not be more than 50 years of age.
  • Language Proficiency–It is expected that a wishful aspirant has sufficient ability in the international language,i.e. English, to sustain his living in the Kangaroo Land. The ILETS is the measuring tool for this eligibility. He needs to score more than 6 scores as no points are assigned below this level.
  • Qualification–The nation welcomes educated and trained professionals. Applicant with higher education grabs more points upon evaluation. This clearly defines the importance of education. The candidate with Doctorate or above degree gets the highest point. Plus, he needs to get his qualification assessed from the assessing authority.
  • Occupation–This is another scoring title that helps aspirant get higher points. It’s mandatory that his occupation meets the requirements of the occupation. Plus, it should be found on the SOL of the Australia or the state he wishes to apply to.
  • Skills Assessment–Eligibility for Australian permanent residency also tends on the skills of the aspirant. He needs to get his skills duly evaluated by the assessing authority for the designated occupation he has applied for. If the skills of a person are very much in demand in the nation, then he gets more points under his skill evaluation.
  • Health Certificate–It is assumed that the person crossing the borders has sound health and he does not suffer from any ailment at the time of applying for a visa. For this, he needs to obtain a valid health certificate from the doctor.
  • Character Certificate–The nation has never welcomed criminals. To prove that the applicant possesses excellent character, he needs to obtain character certificate–either from the concerned authority or medical representative thus assigned for the purpose.

These are the basic overheads on which an applicant is judged under the nation’s point system. His overall score should not be less than 60 points. This is the minimum eligibility for PR in the country.

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