Exploring Key Canada Permanent Resident Visa Programme Options

Canada ImmigrationCanada Permanent Resident Visa is on the radar of many overseas aspirants. Let’s figure out why! Let’s also find out which schemes can be used to get this visa!

But before we do so, exploring a bit about the nation will do harm to our cause, right?

Exploring Canada

Canada is a diverse country and is a home to hundreds and thousands immigrants. The second largest country in the world is a natural choice of anyone who is thinking of settling abroad. Also known as the ‘happiest country in the world’ the nation is famous for more than one reason.

A lot many people know that it offers immense job opportunities,and thus a large number of skilled workers immigrate to the country, but do you know that the country’s natural beauty and tourist attractions also magnetize a large number of people?

For the natural beauty lovers the country has no shortage of unique sites and beautiful landscapes.It is home to extremely rich cities with natural wonders to enjoy. The Lonely Planet has rated Canada as the best tourist destination of the year 2017.

What You Get With Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

You not only become a resident but also become entitled to apply for Citizenship later. While you are on residency status, almost all rights and privileges that usually greet the nation’s citizens, greet you as well.

Canada Residency Programme Options

If you are thinking of becoming a Canadian resident then you must explore the different available options. It’s important that you understand the Canada Permanent Resident Visa that Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)offers to the interested overseas people.

The IRCC offers numerous types of visas and each category is designed to meet the demand of the specific immigrant. Generally, visas are divided into two categories–Temporary Residence Visas (TRVs) which includeStudent Visa and Work Visa, and Permanent Residence Visas (PRVs),that one gets using the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and the Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSW).

In this blog, we will review the two programmes using which you can obtain the much sought after Canada Permanent Resident Visa and be a part of the thriving Canadian society.

Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSW) 

Nationals of any country can submit an application under the FSW–either from outside or inside the country. The applicant is assessed based on numerous factors under the ‘Express Entry’. Out of 100 points, the applicant must come up with the grand total of 67 points. To have one year of skill experience in the relevant field is also required.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Only those who are in the Maple Leaf Country with a valid TRV are eligible. The class is essentially for those who have at least one year of Canadian skill experience and are fluent in either English or French.To put it differently, the CEC is for the temporary overseas manpower and overseas graduates with qualifying employment experience in the country.

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