Environmental Engineers Immigrate to Australia, Canada! Time Perfect for It

Environmental Engineers have become the need of the hour. Many developed countries attract such professionals to come and work in their respective countries. Better work opportunities and economic prosperity motivate these experts to immigrate to foreign land.

Significantly, at present, there is a pressing need of these professionals in Australia and Canada.  Environmental Engineers Immigrate to Australia and Canada

Like other professionals, several Environmental Engineers are advised to immigrate to Australia and Canada. These nations need no introduction. Working in any of the two specific countries is an assurance that you will be paid as per your specific qualifications and the opportunities offered to you will be endless.

Job Profile

Environmental Engineers study the principles of engineering, biology, chemistry and social science in order to develop solutions for various environmental issues. Their main emphasis is on waste material, air pollution control, public health, water and recycling.

The main purpose of an Environmental Engineer is to find solution for the environmental problems and become a competent problem solver.

They are highly demanded in sectors, like mining, pulp and paper, fishery, manufacturing units, forestry, agri-food, and oil and gas sectors. They may specialize in areas, like hazardous waste management, keep a check on air and water quality. Very often they monitor and review the facilities to make sure that they comply as per the issued environmental guidelines and policies.

Work Environment

Environmental Engineers spend equal amount of time both in the office and outside the office. In the office, they are involved in paper work, analyze data and prepare reports, coordinate and communicate with clients and various public and private departments. They also carry-out research and amend policies in consultation with other professionals to find solutions for interdisciplinary approach.

Outside the office they inspect sites, supervise installation of equipments mainly used for air, soil and water; collect samples for test and review designs and recommend solutions and amendments.


As an Environmental Engineer you are highly demanded in various sectors, courtesy their technical expertise, their instant problem solving skills, and a clear understanding of environmental issues. Their scope of work is not limited to just few sectors. They may play an active role in research, education, consultation, training, and environmental technologies.


Environmental Engineers, who immigrate to Australia and Canada, get a lucrative pay package which is not only unparallel but is the best in the industry. In Canada, these experts gets an annual package of CAD $ 45,000 which can rise up to CAD $ 80,000. In Australia, an average salary for Environmental Engineer is AUS $ 58,000 where as a senior expert may get AUS$ 75,000.

If you are an expert and wish to immigrate to Australia and/or Canada, you may choose any of the following options:


General skilled migration (SkillSelect), following is the visa sub category:-

  • Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (Subclass 489) Visa
  • Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189)
  • Skilled – Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa


Environmental Engineers may immigrate using Express Entry System, a point based system recently introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), or else you may also apply for Provincial Nomination Programme.

For complete information and processing of visa application, consult the nearest immigration consultant at the earliest.

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