What are the EB-5 visa documents requirements

The EB-5 Visa of the US is a much sought after permit by the investors from overseas. To get this visa, the aspirant has to present certain required documents/papers before the concerned organization, i.e., Unites States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). It is highly critical that the aspirant successfully caters to the EB-5 visa documents requirements. The number of papers/documents needed for an investor application for the EB-5 permit is wide even while it differs from person to person basis. Usually, an investor–together with the members of his family– requires these:

Personal Papers/Documents

  1. Complete personal biographical facts for himself, and other members of his family, such as partner, kids below 21.
  2. The IDs, such as: passports, driver’s licenses, national IDs, and social security cards (in case appropriate), certificates for birth.
  3. Matrimonial documents and/or divorce orders (in case relevant).
  4. Documents related to the education of the investor, his work background, and industry experience, such as CVs, diplomas, certificates, and registrations for trade;
  5. Court/prison papers/documents, Services papers/documents.
  6. 2 color snaps (passport size). Snaps that show the applicant with any head cover and/or shady/dark glasses would be rejected.

Administrative & Financial Papers

  1. The investor has to duly establish that he has a good level of earnings, and/or has amassed enough wealth to make an investment in the US.
  2. He has to establish that the invested money arrives from a fully legal source. In spite of the fact that who makes available the funds, it is essential that the source of the same is 100% legal.
  3. To establish the source of funds for investment, Immigration US needs 5 years of personal & business, in
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