Discover Canada Visitor Visa Requirements to Visit Canada, Move Overseas Easily!

So, you have heard much about Canada’s great outdoors and want to explore its many beauties and attractions! But the overseas hotspot is much more than just amazing nature-blessed and picture-perfect landscape. It’s also a place that has numerous sparklingly clean, multicultural, and safe cities. It is also a haven for skilled workers and enterprising businessmen. Now the question arises what are the primary Requirements to apply for Canada Visitor visa.

Well, to begin with, first you need to figure what exactly you need. Do you need a Visitor Visa, also referred to as Tourist Visa, or a Student Visa, or is it a Work Visa that suits your specific requirements the most?

Do you wish to land in the hotspot for a small period of time and explore what it has on its platter? If yes, you will require a Tourist Visa that comes with a validity period of six months. You can use it to visit the nation, to participate in a business meeting or meet family or visit the country’s famed places, such as the majestic Niagara Falls.

You know what–A Tourist Visa could be for single entry or multiple entry use. While the former, as mentioned before, could be issued with a validity of six months, the maximum validity period of the latter is 10 years. Those with the latter will be allowed entry by the POE officials numerous times till the 10 year time-frame, though for a period of six months at a stretch.

Key Requirements for Canada Visitor visa

This takes us back to the primary keyword of the blog, Requirements to Visit Canada.

Well, you require fulfilling some basic terms & conditions to land in the country with a Visit Visa.

  1. You will have to specify the main reasons for visiting the nation.
  2. You will also have to furnish proof that you are financially in a sound position and can easily take care of your economic needs in the country while you are there.
  3. You will have to convince the POE officials that you have strong links to your home nation and there is more than one reason to return after your Tourist Visa loses its validity.
  4. You will be expected to produce medical and police clearance certificates that show you are not only healthy but also come with a clean background.
  5. In some cases, you could be asked to show an invitation of letter as well.
  6. You will have to pay 100 Canadian Dollars as visa fees for the Tourist Visa.

These are the key Requirements for Canada Visitor visa. Check with your consultant dealing with Canada immigration TODAY to get more information and help on the subject! However, in case you are yet to engage one, do it ASAP!

Contrary to the popular belief, getting a Tourist Visa for Canada is not so easy. What’s more: If the concerned officials do not get convinced that there is no harm in allowing you entry, you will be denied the chance to enter the famed hotspot.

Summary: Check the piece and you shall know about the primary Canada Visitor Visa Requirements to Visit Canada.

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