Check Express Entry Canada Requirements

One of the best features that Canadian Express Entry offers to its applicants is the swift entry to the nation. Earlier, an applicant had to apply within 60 days, but now this rule has been eased by extending this limit to 90 days.

Out of many gateways open for the applicants, Express Entry is the most promising and enticing immigration plan that entices migrants worldwide. For lodging an application under the EEP, 3 immigration programmers are available and every scheme is fueled with different requirements.

Check the Express Entry Canada Requirements under these heads!

Federal Skilled Worker Programme

  • Work Experience- An aspirant needs to possess at least one year work experience in the same job in the last 10 years and his skill should have occupied a place in the National Occupational Classification (NOC).
  • Language proficiency- It is expected that the applicant should have met the Canadian benchmark 7 for linguistic skill for migration purpose.
  • Education–Canadian Post-Secondary Certificate or degree or the applicant should have got his credentials assessed from the authority approved by the IRCC.
  • Proof of funds–An applicant needs to prove that he possesses enough funds to sustain his and his family for 6 months if even he is not able to get any job in the country.
  • Age–His age also helps you get a few points and youngsters are more likely get cherry-picked by the authorized authorities with the hope that they will add-on to the economy of the nation.

Express Entry

Based upon this information certain points are assigned to the applicant. This point grid determines his eligibility of crossing the border. In express entry he needs to get 67 points and this score to make him eligible to get selected in this swift entry program

Federal Skilled Trades Programme

It opens up the way for all those trades-people who wish to establish their roots in the country. Its requirements:

  • He should not target living in Quebec as the province follows its own rules for immigration.
  • He should meet the minimum language level.
  • His work experience should not be less than 2 years in the skilled trades in the last 5 years.
  • He should have grabbed full time employment from the Canadian authorities–either provincial or territory.
  • His work experience should meet the necessary requirements of the immigration process. Lack of appropriate experience is likely to deny his entry to the country.
  • As such there are no specific educational requirements for meeting the eligible conditions under this scheme, but to boost his score under the points system, his education should not be less that Canadian Post-Secondary Diploma or Degree.
  • Language level stands at CLB 5 and the applicant needs to get his language test approved by the IRCC.
  • It is also expected from the spouse of the applicant that she too fulfills the above mentioned requirements for hassle-free immigration to Canada through Express Entry system.

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