Canada vs. Australia Immigration—A Passing Look

Two of the countries that have emerged as a hotspot for immigration are—well, you guessed it right–Canada and Australia. Both the nations are located at the fag-end of the globe, with one dominating the Western region and the other finding its place in the Southern Pacific Ocean.

If you talk about the opportunities, standard of living and advantages that have been promised, you will find out that both the nations provide a tough competition to each other. However, as per some observers on the issue, Australia somewhat surpasses Canada over some other parameters.

So, in this piece the keyword Canada vs. Australia immigration would be discussed, and you will get to know about the procedure and benefits of moving to these two countries to ensure that you live a vivid and dynamic life.

Canada Immigration

In the first place, let’s first discuss about the immigration to the Maple Leaf Country, i.e., Canada!

This year the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), as it is too well known and widely documented, has taken a bold step even as it has launched a programme named as Expression of Interest (EoI). Under the programme, popularly known as Express Entry, you can move to the overseas hotspot only if you are skilled and the processing time is not more than six months.

Given this, in case you are applying in January of any fiscal year, you would be able to move by the end of June. This much talked about scheme is truly unprecedented, and since it takes skilled individuals, you always have an advantage if you are engaged in any job that is highly skilled in particular.

The Express Entry Programme also helps get the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) in just 60 days after the movement and acquisition of the job. Hence, you always have an advantage when you shift to the nation under the Express Entry Programme.

Immigration to Canada—Key Benefits

There are loads of benefits associated with immigration to Canada. Let’s take a look at few of them that has been spoken about in this piece!

  1. Safety and security is always the first thing that captivates the immigrants, and if you are certain that you will not face any physical threat, you will completely feel that you are at the right place.
  2. There is a general penchant for giving PR status to everybody, and in case you end up being here, who knows you can also get it right away.

Australia Immigration

Unlike Canada immigration, Australia immigration doesn’t just consider skilled immigrants with sponsorship. Rather, unsponsored immigrants can also move to the nation. Yes, it is fact! Under the New Australia Visa Scheme, even non-skilled immigrants can move to the destination, without any major trouble.

            Significantly, the provision is still hanging in the cabinet, and if it gets approved, as many as 5,000 applicants will be able to move to the overseas hotspot, without possessing any skills. They would be trained and developed to fill vacancies in the sectors battling severe shortage of labor.

         So, rewarding and well-paying opportunities are immense, and if you want to figure out the benefits of Australia immigration and dig to know between Australia vs. Canada immigration, which is the best, you can look up to this piece.

Immigration to Australia—Key Benefits

  1. The immigration process is extremely flexible, and you can avail permanent and temporary entry visa to get into this country. At the same time, it is not like only trained immigrants can enter this country only. Even there are provisions where aspirants can enter the country and procure training to become skilled.
  2. Better health and life standard is another platform that captivates the immigrants to end up being in the nation. The Australian living standards are arguably the best in the whole world even as it healthcare is next to none.
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