Canada Provincial Nomination Immigration via Express Entry– Eligibility Conditions

Every Canadian province has its own set of rules and criteria that have to be followed. The eligibility criteria change if you apply through the paper based or Express Entry process. Let us see the eligibility conditions for the Canada Provincial Nomination Immigration via Express Entry!

Eligibility Conditions

  • You must meet the requirement which is the minimum for a province.
  • You must have the nomination from that particular province where you applying for.
  • You must have the nomination under that particular stream.
  • You must carefully create a profile of yours which meets the minimum criteria.
  • The profile must clearly mention the nomination that you have to enable the authority to access that.

How to have the nomination from a province?

For the object, you need to contact the provincial authority and have the required nomination.

You have to pass the language test

Canada ImmigrationThere is a specified language test which you need to pass. You must prove that you have the fluency in English and pass the written test conducted by them.

Ways to earn extra points

There are various ways to earn additional points.

  • If you can prove that you have studied in Canada, then you will be able to earn extra points.
  • You must have a valid job offer which is for one year to have the eligibility to migrate.

You can check your eligibility yourself by using the online means so that you can ascertain whether it is right for you to apply then or have the other relevant papers and then apply. However, it would be rather better to get the professional assistance if you have good migration agent by your side.

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