Canada Permanent Resident Benefits—Take A Look!

Canada Permanent Residence
Canada Permanent Residence

Receiving a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa is like a dream come true and many visa aspirants From India submit their application for a visa. And why not! Several benefits greet Canada Permanent Residents. This is an altogether matter that the rates of visa application are rather high. Yes, indeed it’s true the rejection rate for the visa application is quite high and a large number of aspirants fail to make it!

Getting a Canadian Visa for Permanent Residence (PR), especially from India, is like a dream come true for many visa aspirants. Let us try and understand few reasons that why the visa is so important and what are its benefits!

At the moment, the North American nation – Canada is a preferred destination for immigrants. Not only immigrants from India but immigrants from other countries too prefer it to migrate. The Maple Leaf Country has acquired the topmost position in the list of destinations that are being preferred by the immigrants to migrate. The other countries that are also part of the list are the US, Hong Kong, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, etc.

At present Canada is also referred as the developed nation with high growth rate. Moreover, it at present is in the process of attracting and also inviting immigrants from different countries of the world. The overseas hotspot shares a very special and very close connection with India.

At the moment, 1000s of Indians families who have been successfully awarded the Canadian Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) are living a prosperous life. There are so many professionals that are too working in the nation and are on their way to receive their PR.

The Maple Leaf Country has been very successful as a country in attracting millions of migrants. These migrant or prospective migrants are in love with it and want to move there.

So what made Canada as the top destination preferred by immigrants? Well here are the main factors that make it a hotspot among immigrants!

Government Policies 

At present, the Canadian Government is working on policies that are friendly towards immigrants. These related to visa are crystal clear. This also proves that attitude of the government is to favor those who wants to move to the nation is a strong indication that the government supports the immigrants.

Working Environment

It is a cause for concern for everyone and it concerns you more if you are an immigrant. Working conditions in Canada are very ideal and conducive, in other words, very suitable regardless of your status– native or immigrant you won’t find any issue.

So if are you too interested in moving to the nation have you already made up your mind to go to it and work there in, then read the below information. It’s extremely vital and also it will help you as you have already made up your mind.

Let me share the list of programmes under which you can apply.

    Skilled immigrants Programme (Express Entry)

    Self-employed Persons Programme

    Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)

    Quebec Skilled Workers Programme- QSWP

    Start-up Visa

    Sponsorship programmes

 Benefits for Canada Permanent Resident

The holder of PRV

  • Is allowed to stay in Canada, study and work there in. There are no restrictions whatsoever.
  • Is allowed to apply for citizenship.
  • Is entitled to receive all Healthcare benefits, like other Canadian citizens receive.
  • Is entitled to get other social benefits too, which only a native citizen is entitled to.
  • Is protected under Canadian laws including the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Now that we have discussed all the major points, here are some requisites which as visa applicant you should know

Main PR Visa requisites are:

  • Ensure that you check your visa application twice or thrice before submitting it.
  • Make certain to deposit the required Application Fee.
  • After the submission of your application, attend an interview regarding your visa application.
  • Submit all the Medical and Character Certificates along with other certificates.

For more information on the Canada PR Visa please contact me at [email protected].


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