Canada Migration Rules Different But Worth Emulating

Express Entry- Frequently Asked Questions
Express Entry- Frequently Asked Questions

The immigration system of the Maple Leaf Country is the best and most organized, perfectly planned keeping in mind the economic needs of the country. In fact, its immigration system has become a role model for many governments across the world and they have shown an interest in implementing a similar model of immigration system in their respective countries.

The credit for the systematic and organized immigration system goes to the innovative approach and regular assessment of the various immigration programmes. Canada migration rules are different from the ones followed in other countries.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) makes constant efforts in order to enhance and improve its immigration system to meet the specific demand of the local labor market, and their economic needs. To facilitate the movement of talented skilled workers a year ago the IRCC announced a new electronic system known as Express Entry.

It is an online system introduced to meet the demand of the skilled workers across the country. A year has gone and the system has not only been implemented successfully but is praised by many prospective immigrants who were looking for a similar opportunity to migrate to the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’.

Under the newly introduced system, international students with a degree or a diploma from a Canadian institution are well placed with skilled workers in the Express Entry Pool. Earlier, international students did not have to compete with experienced skilled workers.

Not just the ‘Express Entry’ system was announced the IRCC has also made amendments in Citizenship Act and Caregiver Programme. Following are the changes:

For adults the Canadian Government has hiked the citizenship fee to 530 Canadian Dollars per adult person for the consecutive second time in the same year. The hike in fee was applicable starting from the 1st week of January 2015. As per some reports, the hike in fee will fetch the federal government approximately 60 Million Canadian Dollars.

These are some of the minor changes:

  • Minister of immigration enjoys the right to completely revoke the citizenship in “routine cases”. However, when it comes to cases related to international rights, human or security, the final decision will remains in the hands of local court.
  • If dual citizens or permanent residents are found to be involved in criminal activities, such as possession of illegal arms or are involved in terrorism activities, spying etc., their citizenship or Permanent Residency (PR) will be taken away.
  • If the applicant is found guilty of foreign or domestic criminal charges, or fraud, the citizenship or the status of the permanent resident will be cancelled.

When it comes to Canada migration rules, some changes in caregivers programme have also been made.

Considering the backlog of around 60,000 applications for PR some amendments have been made in the programme. Ottawa has shown leniency towards the Caregivers and made it optional for them to permanently stay with their employers and has implemented a cap.

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