Are You Interested in Canada Immigration Programmes for Skilled Workers?

Canada is the best place if you are skilled, and if you ask why, well, this country is rapidly transforming itself and during the transformation phase, the requirement of skilled workers have spiked. And to meet with that, the concerned immigration department in Canada, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), has decided to allow skilled workers to get into the nation and fill the burgeoning hiatus that is getting bigger and worse in the labor market.

Canada Immigration visa onlineAt the same time, this year one more splendid proposal has taken effect and the old and antediluvian “first-come-first-serve” entry system has been put in the cold storage. And in its place a newly proposed and unprecedented immigration programme has introduced itself. This widely reported but highly useful scheme has been addressed as an unprecedented call that would define newer dimensions in the overseas hotspot.

And under this extraordinary programme, skilled workers would benefit in the best way. The Expression of Interest (EoI), or also known as Express Entry, only considers skills while choosing the best person to be selected for movement.

If you are engaged in the work that is mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of the country, and you have the required experience that is sought under the programme, you can easily move to the immigration hotspot without any hassle whatsoever.

Take a look at how the Express Entry system works. In the first place, with the help of Express Entry system, the Canada immigration programme for skilled workers–a new line of immigration will take place this year. For the first time, this year only skilled immigrants will make it to the nation and fill those sectors that have turned stagnant due to lack of skilled workforce.

Under this specific programme, you will have to fill the Express Entry profile giving credentials, like age, educational qualification, language proficiency and work experience. And based on that, you will be evaluated and a decision reached about your credibility (or the lack of it).

If you are found eligible, you can move to the next level and enter the “Express Entry Pool.” This pool contains the best applicants, who have applied for immigration, and from there draws would be conducted, and those with the highest points would be allowed to move to the immigration hotspot.

Those applicants with best skills and experience will slowly and steadily move above in the consideration list for streamlining the movement. Once they enter the Express Entry pool, from there they would be able to get recognition, and employers based in the Maple Leaf Country can pick the right immigrants who can help bring about a difference.

If you are going for skilled workers immigration programme for Canada, you will have to satiate some basic dynamics, and upon satiating that, you will be able to move to the country without any trouble.

For the well-known and widely used Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP), you will have to meet with the following requirements for getting yourself place on the top of the “Express Entry Pool”. And once that is ascertained, you can make sure that you will be able to make it to the nation.

Federal Skilled Workers Programme—Major Requirements

  1. You must meet with 1,560 hours of experience in one full year.
  2. Your work should reflect in the paid category.
  3. Your work must appear in the National Occupation List (NOL).
  4. You must be engaged in the job in the last 10 years.
  5. Your work should appear in 0, A and B skill type.

Canada Immigration Advisors

For any support and guidance on the issue you are most welcome to get in touch with the professionals. These experts can help you successfully crack the Canada Code, and help you cross the geographical boundaries of the much loved overseas destination, without any major difficulties. For a small and nominal fee, you would be given high quality services from these specialists. And, frankly speaking, won’t that be great and something highly motivating?

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  1. M shailender kumar a graduate along with hotel management diploma hokder n hv an experience of more then a year in 5 Star hotel in india. Now i wants to settle or work in abroad. Help me to get a visa.

  2. I m diploma mecanical engg. 14 yrs experience plz guide how to apply in canada express entry & what is process for applying & charges.

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