Canada Express Entry Frequently Asked Questions–A fleeting Look

In the year 2014, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) envisaged and implemented an exception immigration programme that made historic turnaround in the Canadian immigration. For the very first time, the immigration programme gave only priority to skills for the movement. The programme made headlines with 45,000 immigrations in 2015 with another 4,000 applicants still waiting to be answered over their call. If you want to know something historic, this definitely is the answer.

The Express Entry system is based on skilled movement and it follows a certain process. So, if you are planning for Canada, it is vital for you to note that you have all the information about the system. The Express Entry system is governed by the IRCC, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration.

It is a completely online process with candidates being picked up from the Express Entry Pool. In the pool only those aspirants are placed who have filled in their application in the Express Entry website even while they are able to get their National Occupation List (NOC) code to apply for the immigration.

Once the IRCC duly evaluates and assesses the applicants, they would place the eligible ones in the Express Entry pool. Upon fulfillment of the criteria and accepting all the conditions, it will be decided by the employers in the nation from different provinces to pick the right candidate for the sponsorship.

Express Entry- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What is Express Entry and How Does it Work?

à Express Entry or Expression of Interest is a new immigration programme envisaged and implemented by Canada to facilitate movement of skilled workers. The program works based on the skill level and adaptability that the applicant possessed and based upon that they are able to move.

They are assessed for three categories only if they fall under the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). The programs are: (1) Federal Skilled Workers Programme (2) Federal Skilled Trades Programme (3) Canadian Experience Class. Once the candidates, applying for the programme, satisfy the needs, they are asked to move under the above mentioned programmes.

Q.2. How will the Express Entry system benefit Canada?

àThe Canadian market is growing and it has suddenly led to a higher demand in different segments. Immigrants are in search of a quicker immigration process, and Express Entry ensures that the application gets processed and closed within 6 months time. So, this advantage leads to exceptional benefits in the form of large scale movement to the Maple Leaf Country.

Q.3. Which Immigrants Programmes are covered under Express Entry?

à Express Entry only covers skilled immigration and there is no provision for Student Visa under the program. So, the programmes that are used for the movement are:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Programme
  • Federal Skilled Trades Programme
  • Canadian Experience Class

Q.4. Will Express Entry Change the Programme requirements?

à Under no circumstances the Express Entry will change the programme requirements. The IRCC will never look forward to making so early changes in the specific programme. As of now, you can definitely conclude that there are no changes coming in the Express Entry Programme.

Q.5. Will there be a cap on the number of candidates admitted to the Express Entry Pool?

à As far as the IRCC, they are not going to cap the application in the Express Entry programme. Under no circumstances, there will be a change in the acceptance rate. There is also provision to create buffer stock of the immigrants, so the application process will never come to an end after a certain period of time. The candidates can submit an application throughout the year–no matter whether they are able to move this year or the next year.

Q.6. How to Apply for Permanent Residence?

à After moving under the Express Entry Programme, the candidates can present an application for the PR within 60 days of the movement. The process is pretty simple and it can be applied online. If the concerned authorities find the applicant relevant, they will give them the prized and the much sought after PR status.

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