Canada Declared as the 4th Most Peaceful Nation across the World

With ten beautiful provinces and three territories, Canada is one of the most popular Northern American countries, where immigration rate is quite higher. Now, if you are wondering why this nation is tural diversity and healthy living atmosphere of the nation
termine the most peaceful nations across the globe, the Global Peace Index (GPI) took into account a number of significant factors or aspects, such as: access to armaments, aggressive demonstrations, political instability, organized conflict, conflicts fought etc. In most of these aspects, Canada scored well, the lowest in crime rate with peaceful living environment.


On the whole, the GPI mentioned that over the past years the level of peace in the world has increased. Almost all nations, except North Africa and the Middle East, have experienced peace in their living atmosphere. However, the rise of Canada in ranking was chiefly attributed to the reduction of military efforts overseas, while keeping a level of peace above-average at home.


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