Britain Spreads Extreme Dislike & Lies on Immigration, Claims EU President

The incumbent European Parliament president has reportedly stated that the discussion of the UK on the membership of the European Union (EU) is propelled by extreme hatred, lies, besides terror mongering about the visitors from Eastern Europe.

UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa

Bias against Eastern European Immigrants

He stated that many people in Europe and also in the UK are making efforts to generate new barriers between nations. He also criticized the widespread practice of rousing an emotion of terror over supposed benefits visitors from Bulgaria & Romania eager to pillage the social structure of the host nations. Checking access to gains for a maximum of four years for the migrants from the EU is a major component of the British PM’s proposals to rein in immigration to Britain.

European Parliament president stressed that the fact it is not possible for nobody to visit another Member State, minus a job and right away claim social gains. The fact is that nobody can for ever claim a right of residence, in case they lack adequate means and have no real possibility of getting a job. The fact is that nations gain from the mobile citizens of the EU.

Observations Arrive Post Meeting With British Premier

The remarks were made just hours post the president met with the UK PM to talk about a renegotiation of the UK’s association with the EU before Britain’s in/out referendum on Europe after two years, in 2017.

Despite the fact that the president did not condemn the British PM in open words, he did not hesitate from mounting an attack on the undertone of national anger in Britain’s talk on immigration, and asserted facts are 100% twisted.

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