Banking In Hong Kong Through Quality Migrant Program

The Hong Kong and shanghai banking corporation was founded by Indians. By this one can imagine the history and present of large Indian and Asian communities in Hong Kong. In the year 2006 immigration department of Hong Kong announced quality migrant program. Under this program talented and skilled people can apply for visa approval and enter Hong Kong. People skilled in various professions can enter like banking, accountancy, sports, music, business, etc. Hong Kong is one of the largest in the world and this fact attracts many people for Banking Hong Kong Quality Migrant program.

Banking jobs in Hong Kong starts with the salary package of minimum eight thousand and five hundred Hong Kong dollars and goes up to eighteen thousand and more depending on your work experience and skills. Immigrants with good experience in banking get good salaries in Hong Kong.

If you have good banking experience and you are willing to immigrate to another country, Hong Kong can be your destination. Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme has two phases general points based test and achievers point based test. To be eligible for this program you must fulfill prerequisites and also score minimum required points.

The points are rewarded on the basis of age, language proficiency, academic and professional qualification and family background. Applicant will normally need to have a first degree from a recognized university or

an important sector for job development. It has become an eminent carrier option. Combining all the factors, Hong Kong seems to be a good destination for those who are looking for better carrier opportunities in this sector, Banking Hong Kong quality migrant program is the phrase for them.

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