Keen In Getting Australia Immigration Visa?

This year will no longer be like any other year. If you had an inner desire to move to Australia, then probably things are going to shape in the best way this fiscal. Canberra is looking for skilled and flamboyant professionals to fill the unexpected hiatus that has happened in some of the sectors.

In order to fill those gaps, this year, the country has opened newer realms in its immigration programme. Hence, if you are looking for Australia, and you have immigration visa in your mind, wait no further! Straightway take some steps and move to Australia!

In case you want to make Oz your home, then you can apply for such a pursuit through the Subclass 189 Visa. This permit gives special provision for workers and those who have failed to get a sponsorship to move to the Kangaroo Land. With the help of the Sub class 189 Permit, such aspirants can easily move to the immigration hotspot.

In case you want to get this visa, then you must meet with certain basic requirements. Among others:

  • You would have to file for an Expression of Interest (EoI) to streamline the movement.
  • You should be engaged in such work that is in high demand in the nation and it is mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
  • Your skills should be suitable enough to fit the specific requirements of the country, if that is happening then you can move using the Subclass 189 Visa.
  • In all probabilities, your age shouldn’t be less than 18 years and more than 50 years, for rendering yourself eligible for the visa.
  • You must be proficient in English, and it is imperative to score 60 points, for facilitating the movement.

This permit is special and it will give you leverage of movement the moment it is approved. Under this permit, you can also include your spouse along with dependent children and dependent relatives of the spouse. So, it doesn’t just gives you the chance to move, but also to your family along with you to move and stay in Australia.

Processing of Visa

Generally, if one has to talk about Australia, one thing is evident: it does have the best government and the work status in this country is real fast. You can be assured that your visa would get processed faster. At times it takes three to six months to get the visa processed. However, the six months criteria are the maximum, and it would never breach that limit for getting the visa approved.

If your Sub Class 189 General Skilled Immigration Visa has been processed and approved, you will get to grab a few entitlements that can help you enjoy a pleasurable stay. Take a look at few of the entitlements that you would be redeemed eligible once you move with this visa!

1. You can work and study in the country.

2. You would also be given social benefits, like healthcare.

So, if you want an immigration visa that best suits you for Australia, Sub Class 189 is the best for you, if you are not sponsored by any employer.

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