Australia Immigration Rules Tough But Immigrant Friendly

get-super-fast-australian-residencyThe ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia, is often regarded as the ‘Land of Opportunities’ as it has warmly opened its doors for skill talent from almost every part of the world.  Oz is famous for diverse work opportunities, attractive salary, social benefits, amicable environment, and scenic beauty.

For sure, immigrants can successfully launch themselves through various job opportunities. Since decades, the nation has welcomed immigrants. No wonder, Australia immigration is widely preferred.

It is a well known fact that Down Under is a country of immigrants. Since 1945, the Department of Immigration and Border protection (DIBP) has been managing the arrival of immigrants. Looking at the present scenario, it is right to say that the Land of Kangaroos welcomes a large number of immigrants every year either to work or study. In fact, the country is also famous among international tourists.

The country has its own reasons that make it a rather popular choice for the prospective immigrants from every corner of the world. Australia Immigration is a tough pursuit, especially in today’s time. The DIBP has made stringent immigration laws just to make sure only the best talent, with the ability to contribute towards the growth of national economy, enters the country.

Australia immigration rules are lengthy and difficult to understand and so for a better understanding, let’s take a brief look!

To draw suitable business talent the popular 457 Visa category has been amended, Australian employers may sponsor overseas employees for a period of one year without the 457 Visa. Those who think no matter how stringent Australia Immigration rules are stand a strong chance to qualify for the desired visa.

They may consider one of the following categories:

Employer Sponsored Visa: Most suitable for those who have a sponsorship from an approved Australian employer. It is a sponsored visa. Applicants are required to meet other criteria as well such as language, experience and age.

General Skilled Migration (SkillSelect): It is a point based visa category and an applicant may score on the basis of their education, skills, experience, age and language. It has various sub classes, such as – Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa, Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (Subclass 489) Visa and Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189).

457 Visa: It is a temporary visa, valid for up to four years. Australian employers may sponsor foreign trained skilled workers currently in demand in the country. The category is famous among business professionals.

Business Skilled Migration: The category is popular among business professionals. It is a permanent category. Initially, the visa is issued for up to four years, and once you have successfully lived and worked in the country for the said duration, you may apply for Australian Permanent Residency (PR).

Besides, applicants have to meet other parameters as well. They must be fluent in English language, official Australian language. Their character must be good, and they must not be involved in criminal activities. They are also required to submit a medical submit.

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