Australia Immigration 2015–Top Gateways

There was a time when it came to immigration, only one country resonated and that was the USA. However, with the change, the trend changed and people have started looking up to Canada and Australia. These two countries are slowly and steadily emerging as a powerhouse, and the pay scale and opportunities that these two countries provide are definitely captivating the skilled workforce.

Hence, inc ase you are looking forward to Australia for immigration in 2015, you have thought for the right country. In Australia, Engineers are paid as high as AU$1, 95,000 in one year. And, it definitely is a deciding amount to keep anyone attuned.

So, if you are also looking forward to weaving your dreams, you can always bank upon Oz. In this piece, you will get to know ways that can help you Get immigration to Australia in 2015.

Employed Sponsored Workers

There is an occupation list that this country follows, and if you are engaged in any occupation that is in demand in Australia, you can file for the immigration under the skilled workers category, and if any employers finds you to live up to the desired expectation, they would sponsor you. However, you have to clear some tests before making it to Australia.

Professional and General Skilled Migration

Under this style of immigration, you are not required to have a job offer from any employer to move to the country. Rather, you can move to it clearing the tests that are sought for the movement and seek jobs in the Australian soil.

Business Investor

This is the easiest form of immigration that you can avail to make your dreams come alive. Under the Business Investor Immigration, you will be required to make an investment in the Australian economy. You can go for setting up any enterprise and create jobs, or you can go for the Bond Programme and invest money in buying the government bonds.

The choice would entirely depend on you and this would help you to get the immigration to Australia in 2015. But if you are setting up any company, you will have to create at least 10 full time jobs and the employees should be Australian citizen, and they should not fall in your bloodline.

Doctors, Nurses and Caregivers

Within the next 5 years, almost 30% of the population in Down Under would enter the age group of 65 years and over. Such large chunk of citizens entering the age group where they are more vulnerable to diseases would call for more doctors, nurses and caregivers. Hence, if you fall in any of these categories, you will have better chance to move to the overseas hotspot.

Investor Retirement

If you are over 55 years of age and are looking for a holiday, in that case, you can always bank upon Australia. You will not be eligible for Permanent Residency (PR). But, you can definitely get four year visa to move to live in the nation.

Summary: If you are looking for immigration, you can look forward to Australia with these gateways.

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