Australia Business Immigration Subclass 888 Visa Helps You Get PR Overseas Easily

Australia PR Immigration2Ate you keen to become a Permanent Resident in Australia with ease? Do you have deep pockets? Do you have a nomination from an Australian State or Territory Government? Well, if the answer is yes, you are the right candidate for the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subcategory 888).

This Australia Business Immigration Visa is basically a Permanent Residency Visa (PRV) for those who wish to continue to possess and run a business/firm in the country, or to carry-on business and investment activity in a state or territory of Oz. Much like the 188 Australia Business Immigration Visa, the 888 Visa has the similar three categories, namely, the Business Innovation Category, Investor Category, and Significant Investor Category.

With the help of this Australia Business Immigration Visa, you may carry on owing and administering a business in Down Under through the Business Innovation stream; carry on business and investment doings in Down Under (the Investor Category, the Significant Investor Category, and the Premium Investor Category); carry on entrepreneurial doings in Oz (Entrepreneur Category).

What 888 Visa Lets You Do?

Among others, with this Australia Business Immigration Visa, you get the right to:

  1. Run your business and investments in the Kangaroo Land.
  2. Stay in the country in an indefinite manner.
  3. Register for Medicare–the nation’s healthcare programme.
  4. Do a job and enroll for study course in the country.
  5. Offer sponsorship to qualified relatives for PR.
  6. Submit an application for citizenship once you get the necessary qualifications.

Are You Entitled?

You could be qualified for this Australia Business Immigration Visa:

  1. In case you have a 188 Visa in the Business Innovation category (or the Business Innovation Extension category), you have been in the Kangaroo Land on this visa for not less than 1 of the 2 years before the submission of your petition.
  2. In case you possess a 188 Visa in the Investor Category, you have been in Oz on this visa for a minimum of 2 of the 4 years before the submission of your petition.
  3. In case you have a 188 Visa in the Significant Investor Category (or the Significant Investor Extension Category), you have kept this visa for an unbroken duration of not less than 4 years. In addition, you have been in Oz on this visa for not less than 160 days in 4 years, 240 days in 6 years (where you have obtained 1 extension) and 320 days in 8 years (where you have obtained 2 extensions).

On the whole, it is mandatory that you have been in Down Under as the main holder of the 188 Visa with a view to submit an application for an 888 Visa, some exceptions notwithstanding.

You could also be qualified to get this Australia Business Immigration Visa in case you have a Special Category visa (subcategory 444), or a Business (Long stay) Visa (subcategory 457IE), and have met the terms & conditions of the Business Innovation Category.

It is possible to submit an application for an 888 Visa from outside Oz, or inside it, in a situation where in there is not any ‘No Further Stay’ condition on your Australian Visa even as you fulfill any other terms & conditions for an onshore petition for Australia Business Immigration Visa.

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