Attention Quality Assurance Engineers, Time Favorable For Australia Immigration!

Australia is presently on a look out for committed Quality Assurance Engineers. Of late, the demand of such professionals has increased at a high pace. In ‘Oz’, these professionals are also known under alternate titles such as Quality Specialists, Quality Analysts and Quality Managers.

Australia immigration–Quality Assurance Engineers

Job Description

They generate, maintain and manage technical quality assurance process procedure to review validity, efficiency and value. They also assess the functional performance of environment and computer systems. They audit systems to make certain that they adhere and compile to the industry’s set quality standards and regulations. They may also supervise and keep an eye on the working procedure of quality assurance team.

Within the industry they have an important role to play. They watch and audit the manufactured goods such as clothing, automobiles, electronic items and textiles to name a few. Their most important aim is not only to identify defects but also find the reason behind the same and suggest reliable solution.

Since they are required to meet the expectations and check if the end result is desirable, they are required to have important traits such as good communication and analytical skills along with the creative visual skills.

Major Responsibilities

These experts are expected to undertake many responsibilities and some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Schedule and carry-out quality audit surveys and inspections, analyze and review data, systems and documentation.
  2. Indentify high risk areas in adherence to the sectors standard and modus operandi and advise corrective action plans.
  3. Communicate, educate and liaise with users and staff to spread awareness and adherence to procedure, standards and quality control activities.
  4. Review in troubleshooting, diagnose, test and resolve system issues.
  5. Build up, conduct and provide technical guidance and provide training in operational procedures and application software.
  6. Scrutinize, evaluate and diagnose technical issues such as maintenance, installation and upgrade and configure and troubleshoot desktops, hardware, security systems, internet, software and operating systems.
  7. Test, identify and make a diagnosis of functional error and faults in systems and programming code within set guidelines and test protocols to guarantee system perform as per the maximum specifications.


To qualify, a minimum of graduation degree is required in mechanical, industrial or quality engineering and/or on the job training may also be required. A Masters or PhD degree is most suitable for research or to join academics pay package at this stage is really high. You may also be required to obtain a license from an authorized body.

If you are a practicing Quality Assurance Engineer and wish to avail Australia Immigration, get your assessment done before you actually submit your visa application. As your profession is currently in demand, it will be easy to acquire skilled visa which may ultimately help you to become the Permanent Resident (PR) of the country.

Since you do not wish to miss this chance, complete the document work under the guidance of an expert.

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