Are You Interested in US Immigration? What You Need to Know!

US–also known as the ‘United States of America’ or simply ‘the States’–has the world’s largest economy that makes it a very hot immigration destination. The country with 50 states is basically a federal republic and the famous Washington D.C. is its capital.

About US it is very often said that the country has been built by the immigrants who have moved to its territories from the various parts of the globe. The ethnically diverse country is historically rich and a home away from home. At present, it tops the immigration chart and its strong economy and social benefits that attract the migrants the most.

If the US immigration inspires you also, and you want to submit an application for the same, then you need to know that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the authorized government agency that monitors the visa & immigration process to the nation.

You may live your immigration dreams in your dream destination by simply acquiring a US Visa. A visa is basically a stamp or authorization inside a passport that makes your entry valid in the country.

Types of US Visa

For your dream country, there are two types of visa: Immigrate Visa & Non-Immigrate Visa. The former falls under permanent category where a traveler may enter the country to live and work indefinitely. The latter comes under the temporary category where the migrant has a specific reason to travel to the nation.

Different types of visa you can choose from are:

I. B-1 Business Visa
II. B-2 Tourist Visa
III. F-1 Student Visa
IV. K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa
V. H-1B Work Visa
VI. B1/B2 Visa Extension

Applying for Visa to the US

Irrespective of the category under which you are processing your application, apply for the same well in advance, from the date of your travel. Many visas have waiting period; some permit categories accept a limited number of applications per year. It means if you delay your submission you may have to wait for a year until the desired category becomes available for acceptance.

The country follows tough rules and the process is complex; delayed applications are not accepted. It is all the more important to smartly navigate the complete process. Complete the application form, properly filing documentation, and paying the correct processing fees will also be required. Also, under various types of visa applications, you may also be required to attend an interview at the US embassy and submit your fingerprints.

Precautious to be Undertaken

Immigration to your dream country is not a cake walk. Remember: it is a super power and the most influential country in the world. While processing your visa application, it is important to file correct information. A smallest of the small mistake may delay or even kill your dreams permanently. Once your immigration application is rejected, you might have to wait for a year before it is reconsidered, so make sure that your petition is 100% correct and it gets accepted in the first attempt itself.

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