Are You Interested In Express Migration to Canada? Follow The PNP Path!

For the applicants, looking to get the prized Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada, Express Entry lays a red carpet. It is one of the most liberal programmes and was started in 2015, to entice those talented applicants–who can make an addition to the economy of the country–to make a move to the nation. This programmables express migration to Canada.

An applicant–who wishes to make an Express Entry to the nation–needs to get his credentials duly verified. Based upon the verification, his chances of migration are speculated. No wonder, the top scorers are cherry-picked by the federal and provincial governments along with the different Canadian employers.

Canada Immigration

Migration to Canada through Provincial Nomination

Most of the provinces of the country follow their own specific rules to initiate hassle-free migration. They nominate the applicants under their Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs). It is also expected that the migrant possesses enough skills, education, and of course, work experience, that would make an addition to the economy of the province. He must show his willingness to live and settle in the concerned province.

PNP–How to Apply?

  • The applicant needs to apply to the territory or province for nomination to the province he wants to settle in.
  • Obtain the nomination from the province.
  • Apply for PR to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

After obtaining nomination, the applicant needs to complete his Express Entry profile and meet the minimum criteria. At this stage, there are 2 options available to the applicant through which he can apply–he may either apply through a paper based process or online process under Express Entry.

Whatever way the applicant adopts at the first stage, he has to decide which particular province he wants to live in. Then he needs to apply to that particular province and grab its nomination. After getting nominated, he needs to meet the minimum criteria for any of the federal immigration programmes that fall under the category.

Upon seizing nomination from the province or territory, an applicant needs to apply for PR to the IRCC. Your application is more likely to be rejected if you fail to submit a report on medical exam and along with the character certificate from the police proving that you are a legal citizen of your country, and by no means,are involved in any kind of criminal activity.

The applicant must keep these points in mind:

  1. He will get more points if he has studied in any of the Canadian schools or universities.
  2. If he has grabbed a valid job offer from the Canadian employer even before 1 year.
  3. The points that were allotted earlier for job offer are now changed.
  4. He now gets 90 days to apply for instead of 60 days.

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