Are You Interested In Canada Immigration for Jobs?

Canada is emerging as a job market for the immigrants and ever since the introduction of the Express Entry programme, there has been a great deal of possibilities opened for skilled and enthusiastic immigrants to make it to this country.

The job market in the Maple Leaf Country has been highly optimistic with as many as 14,000 new jobs opening up across different sectors. The initiatives by General Motors (GM) have also given more opportunities to the immigrants to make it through via different immigration visas. The bottom-line: if one is looking for a better place to thrive and earn their living, the best would definitely come through the stake being put up at Canada.

Now, the most important thing which is noteworthy is though there are jobs but one must know whether there is requirement of international worker or not. So, it is highly recommended that individuals must adhere to the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) before making any move to the overseas hotspot.

But for those who are in pursue of good opportunities, you must first and foremost understand the ways through which immigration is processed, and how can you make those jobs which have been offered for foreigners fall in your own kitty.

The Express Entry programme or popularly known as the Expression of Interest (EoI) has given opportunities to the skilled to make inroads into the nation. The scheme has been highly unprecedented and under its umbrella there has been 1, 00,000+ movements which have taken only in the year 2016.

Hence, you can definitely judge the magnitude of the efficiency this programme has garnered in the eye of the individuals.

The program is the golden gateway for immigration jobs in Canada. Through it, there have been employers who have been picking up the right candidates for the respective job.

So, as an individual who wants to immigrate to Canada, you must in the first place apply for the programme. You will have to visit the Express Entry website and from there specific requirements are needed, and you will have to fill in those requirements to make sure that you are able to move.

In the entry level requirement, you are required to give your age, experience, language proficiency and academic qualification. Once you have given all the information, the programme will assess your application and find out the right job code as per the SOL based on which you can avail the immigration.

Carefully assess the skill codes and apply specifically. The Canadian Job Bank would store the valuable data and take necessary step to make sure that the right employers are able to find you for the job.

Canada Immigration

Basically, the immigration to Canada for Jobs has been regulated by the Express Entry Programme under three specific heads.

  • Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)


Under the FSWP, there are specific sectors which have felt the dire need of skilled labor, and to meet with the requirements they have introduced the SOL for initializing the movement. The FSWP allows the individuals to immigrate to Canada if they are able to meet with the following specific requirements.

  • The workers should have 1,560 hours of experience with 30 hours of work experience per week mandated.
  • The work in which they are engaged in must be a paid job
  • The work should be relevant to the job under which they have applied.
  • They should fall in the skill type 0, A and B for consideration.


It has been meant for those individuals who are having specific acumen in a certain trade and they are willing to move by meeting with the specific requirements.

  • The individual should plan to live outside Quebec.
  • They should meet with the desired proficiency level in English and French.
  • The individual should have two years of work experience in the same trade.
  • They should have a fulltime of employment in the specific trade for 1 year preceding the date of immigration


It has been given to those individuals who have got work experience in Canada and they are considered for the immigration. So, it should be only considered when the individuals are able to meet with the following requirements:

  • They should have 1 year of fulltime work experience in the nation 3 years preceding the date of the application.
  • They should have gained the experience with proper authorization.
  • They should meet with the desired proficiency level in English and French
  • They should plan to live outside Quebec.
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