Are You Interested In Business Visa for Canada?

Canada is rather popular among skilled workers, but what many people are not aware of, is the fact that it is also pretty famous among business personals and investors. With a more than booming economy, the immigration hotspot assures that on your hard-earned money you earn the maximum profit and benefits.

If you are a business personal, and/or an investor and looking for an opportunity to immigrate to the fourth largest country in the world, then it’s relatively easy. Chances are that the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will fast process your application. Interested candidates can easily submit their visa application once they have chosen the right category from the many available immigration programmes.

Business Visa for Canada is granted to those immigrants with the ability to either start a business, or/and invest in the country. Prospective immigrants need to show a keen interest towards the development of a strong Canadian economy.

The programme aims to attract applicants with experience and demonstrated business skills, even as they are selected on the basis of their ability to economically establish themselves in the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’.

Following are the three categories most suitable for such applicants. Candidates are required to study them carefully as after submission under no circumstances they can change the category.

Canadian Investor Programme

To qualify the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  1. In last five years from the date of submitting the application, the applicant in a business (qualifying), he must have managed not less than five regular jobs equivalents per year for at least two years.




  1. In the last five years, from the date of submitting the application, the applicant must have managed a business (qualifying) or else held a percentage of equity in the same for not less than two years.

Further, the applicant is required to hold a net worth of at least $ 1.6 Million and he should have a clear intention to invest at least $ 800,000 duly paid to the Receiver General of the country. The invested amount remains in a land locked period of five years. Post the given period, the complete amount is repaid without interest to the investor.

Entrepreneur Programme

Key Features

  1. Applicants are required a legally obtained net worth of $ 300,000.
  2. Within three years after the applicant has become a Permanent Resident (PR) of the country, the aspirant must own a business (qualifying) for a at least one year, and through the business the entrepreneur must have created fresh employment opportunities for Canadian PR, and/or Citizens.

Self Employed Programme

A self employed applicant is free of many conditions. Instead they must have demonstrated experience in farm management, cultural activities or athletics along with a clear intention to establish a business through which they must be able to create employment opportunities for at least themselves. Plus, they must be financially strong to support themselves while they are in the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’.

If you wish to acquire Business Visa for Canada, then certainly you have made a right choice as the country welcomes foreign nationals. In fact in the G-20, Canada is regarded as one of the best countries to start a business in. In past the country has successfully maintained an excellent growth record.

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