Are You Interested in Applying for Australian Skilled Visa? How About Choosing Regional (Subcategory 887) Visa?

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Are you a qualified person and interested in applying for an Australian Visa? If yes, check this blog! You will find all the relevant information you need to make the Kangaroo Land your home even as for you the thought of applying for an Australian Visa won’t be something to lose your sleep over anymore.

Oz–as is too well known–is an amazing place for the ambitious and skilled people like you. As a trained professional, you can play a pivotal role in the growth of the Australian economy even while you earn in dollars, and enjoy all that this ‘one of the most developed global economies’ has to offer.  

You will require a skilled visa to move to the country to work and push the already booming Australian economy further. You have many attractive immigration choices with the Skilled Regional Subclass 887 Visa being one of them.

See for yourself how and why this visa will be an excellent choice for you migration to the hotspot as a skilled worker!

Subclass 887 Visa

This extensively used and easy to get skilled visa is basically a sponsored work visa category, and is normally the second stage of the Skilled – Regional Sponsored Subclasses 475 & 487. You will get the prized Permanent Resident Visa (PRV) if you get this visa.

The visa is basically meant for the exceedingly qualified people like you who also possess education, abilities and employability which will prove decisive and contribute to the national economy of Australia, are ready to reside in States/Territories where their expertise is in demand, and can prove that they have spent 2 years legally residing in the Kangaroo Land already (commonly on a Skilled -Nominated (Provisional) Visa).

As the visa subcategory is nearly similar to a second stage of the 487 & 475 Visas, there are not any requirements at all to fulfil the English language, skills evaluation or new employment experience conditions since these would already have been fulfilled by you in the provisional visa.

As mentioned before, the visa puts you on the path of the much sought after PR in Down Under, on the basis of an amalgamation of your expertise, your employment involvement, and also sponsorship from the particular State/Territory that proffered nomination to you.

Eligibility Terms & Conditions

Now let’s check the eligibility requirements point wise for a better understanding and idea of what is expected from you by the Australian immigration authorities!

  1. Get a positive evaluation from an Australian assessing body for a duly nominated line-of-work on the Skills Occupation List (SOL).
  2. Get nomination by an involved Australian State or Territory for your particular profession.
  3. Have resided in the country for a period of two years on a Skilled – Nominated (Provisional) Visa.
  4. At the time of presenting you petition, it is mandatory that you have done a job in the stated regional area for not less than 1 year.
  5. It is also required that you have the provisional General Skilled Migration Visa (GSM) Visa Skilled – Regional Sponsored Subclass 487 or 475 (or the preceding visa Subcategories 496 or 495).
  6. You must have fulfilled the visa conditions put on the provisional visa and any preceding visas.
  7. You must fulfil the necessary health, character, etc., conditions.
  8. Last but not the least you must be physically present inside Down Under when you present the application submission.

How Abhinav Can Assist!

You require proving that you fulfil the strict residency and work conditions. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable immigration consultants, who know the process inside out, will guide you, at each and every step, on the evidence that the Australian immigration body will require from you to decide you really fulfil the legal conditions for the said visa.

We will expedite the application procedure for you so that your move to a permanent visa is both speedy and well-organized. We will also ensure that while applying for this Australian Skilled Visa, you do not come across any hurdles.

So what are waiting for? Get in touch with us TODAY!

Summary: If applying for an Australian Skilled Visa is what really interests you, you will do well to go for the Regional (Subcategory 887) Visa option.

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