Are You Human Resource Professional & Interested To Live, Work in Canada?

These professionals organize, monitor, plan, supervise and evaluate the operations of various departments, on the basis of departmental needs. They develop and execute various policies and programmes related to recruitment, benefits, training, wages and promotion. At times, they participate in joint committee meetings to maintain mutual understanding and relationship between employees and management.

In past, the demand of the number of HR professionals required has gone up. The reason: a large number of cooperate sector has grown tremendously and many firms/companies have reduced the managerial levels. It is expected that in future the trend will increase at a higher pace.

Opportunities will rise as a large number of HR professionals are either about to retire or have been promoted to the management level. As a result of increase in opportunities, there will be very few local professionals who will be able to take up the growing responsibility.

Various factors have motivated companies to give importance to HR Professionals and some of the factors are as follow:

  • The cut and throat competition that has grown among Multi National Companies (MNCs).
  • Need to increase the employee’s productivity.
  • The concept of knowledge economy has become popular.
  • The pressure to achieve cooperate objective and multiply the profit has increased tremendously.

Over the next decade, the above factors will be more influencing and the demand of HR Professionals will rise even more. When it comes to wages, it is the most competitive internationally, better than many counterpart countries. If you are lucky initially you may start with CAD$32,000 which may go up-to CAD$150,000.

By now, one should have a clear idea that the prospects of Human Resource Professionals are high in Canada, and if you are keen to live and work in the country, then the opportunities are endless and bright.

If you believe you have strong people skills and have the required expertise to excel in the country, then what are you waiting for? You may visit the official website of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and streamline your application under newly introduced Express Entry System.

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