Are You Extraordinary Achiever? Apply For Employment Based Permanent Residency (EB-1)!

The US is a country of immigrants. Very often it’s been said about it that it has been built by immigrants settled from almost every corner of the world. It is a highly developed ethnically diverse country. The work environment is excellent and the pay package is the best.

Employment Based Permanent Residency (EB-1)
Employment Based Permanent Residency (EB-1)

A large number of aliens wish to become the permanent resident of the country but it is not that simple to acquire the US Permanent Residency (PR) as the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has made the immigration laws stringent ensuring only the best and the most deserving enters the country. For many, it is a tiresome process and may take longer than you have expected.

But the good news for those who wish to become the permanent resident of the US is that as compared to other visa categories, you can easily initiate your petition for the EB-1 visa which is employment based permanent residency visa.

It’s no surprise that US is one such country that attracts record breaking immigrants every year. Majority of them permanently wish to settle in the country. So, the USCIS receives maximum number of petition from those who are eager to become permanent residents.

You may apply for Employment Based Permanent Residency (EB-1) visa only if you possess extraordinary abilities or an outstanding experience of working as a researcher, multi-national business manager/ executive or professor.

To qualify each category has certain set of requirements and they are as follow:

Extraordinary Ability: You must clearly demonstrate that you have excelling abilities in the field of arts, business, science, athletics or education that must be demonstrated through national or international recognition. You do not require a job offer but extensive documentation of your past achievement is must.

Excelling professor and researcher: You must clearly demonstrate national or international recognition of your achievements in a specific field of study. To be eligible, you must have at least three years teaching experience in research or teaching, and you must be coming to the country to teach or fill the vacant position as researcher at a recognized university or institute of higher studies.

Multinational manager or executive: To be eligible, you must have worked outside the US for not less than one year in the last three years at the managerial level and you must continue to provide your services to the same company/organization/firm in the US.

You will be happy to know that you do not have to apply for labor certification. Plus, you are free to submit a separate application under any other suitable category while the decision on EB-1 visa is still pending.

A large number of aliens prefer to move to the country via EB-1 Category. The primary reason: unlike other employment based categories, there is no backlog. However, candidates are scrutinized thoroughly and visa is issued to the most eligible applicants.

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