Apply for Australia Permanent Residency from India, Decode How To Do It!

Chance to Get Immigration to Australia
Chance to Get Immigration to Australia

Are you eager to get the prized Australian Permanent Residency (PR) from India? If yes, you need to apply for Australia Permanent Residency from India to get this much sought after status.

As it is too well known, the Kangaroo Land is one of the best nations to move to as a permanent resident. The Australian Government–with its immigration body, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)–has tailored numerous visa streams to give PR to the chosen applicants, with the Subcategory 189 Visa, the Subcategory 190 Visa, being some of them. In whichever category you may be interested in, you need to fulfill the primary eligibility requirements of the nation.

With a view to submit an application for majority of the PR Visas up-for-grabs, you have to follow a point based immigration arrangement. It decides your eligibility (or otherwise) for the PR Visa on the basis of the points you get,for major selection factors, namely, age, language skills, employment experience, and education, among others.

How to Apply for Australia Permanent Residency from India?

To begin with, you have to present a petition under any of the immigration plans presented by the DIBP. After the same you have to meet certain requirements,like:

  1. You must have received the bare minimum points in test under Skill Select.
  2. You must have goods skills in the English language.
  3. You must have proof of reasonably good health &character. You need the supporting certificates to prove these.
  4. You must nominate a profession given on the present Skilled Occupation List (SOL). If your specific line-of-work is not given on the SOL, you will not be allowed to move, via Skill Selct.

Stepwise Process

After you have gathered every required paper and made up your mind about the particular visa class, present your Expression of Interest (EOI) to Skill Select. It’s an online arrangement that duly processes the requests made or the EOIs obtained for the Australian Visas. Your presented profile will be proffered definite point score, which requires to not less than 60 points.

Now cool your heels for the reply from concerned officials. In case your profile is picked up, you will obtain invite to apply for the preferred visa. Now, you require collecting all your important papers/certificates and attaching these with the application form. Present the correctly filled application together with the indispensable papers /certificates to the immigration bureau inside 60 days of the receipt of invitation.

Now since you know how to apply for Australia Permanent Residency from India,what are you really waiting for? But if you still have some questions in your mind, and are looking for detailed information on the subject, contact expert visa advisors. They will suitably guide and assist you. With their professional help and support you will easily get Australia PR.  And won’t that be just great?

If you want to know more about Australia PR Immigration Visa mail me at [email protected].

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