Are You Worried About Probable New Zealand Immigration Interview Questions?

The ‘Land of Endless Opportunities’, New Zealand, also known as the ‘Kiwi Land’ is perhaps one of the finest overseas destinations for immigration purposes. With picture-perfect, tranquil atmosphere and welcoming people, the nation proffers almost everything which a migrant would wish in a fresh nation.

But the nation has much more to offer to the world migrants. It also offers amazing business and investment opportunities to those who could be interested to explore overseas options to do well in life. It’s also a haven for qualified people.

Actually, the Kiwi Land–as it is too well known—much inspires the trained people from abroad to do a job and stay in the country, via its various existing visa categories. Wellington makes available numerous permit schemes, especially tailored to facilitate the qualified immigrants to work and/or make an investment, which proves to be useful and valuable for the national economy.

When a person migrates and later settles in the country, he also benefits from improved living conditions, bright career prospects, well-paid wages, and safe & secure surroundings, and superior educational & medical facilities, among others.

New Zealand Immigration Interview Questions

This takes us to the title! Many visa candidates–keen in New Zealand Immigration, under its various existing visa-classes–sometimes worry about the likely interview questions asked by the concerned NZ immigration authorities.

They need not be concerned much. The involved officials usually do not ask irrelevant questions even while most of the time their questions remain centered on the bio-data of the aspirants and their backgrounds—family, educational and professional. So if a candidate keeps himself fully updated with his own CV–which he may have presented to the visa-authorities–he is likely to successfully sail through the interview round.

However, for the perusal of the visa-candidates some typical interview questions for NZ immigration are being given here under. It requires to be mentioned though that the list is not exhaustive.

1. What is your complete name? 2. What is your father’s initial name? 3. Where do you stay? 4. Have you been staying at the given address since you came? 5. With whom do you stay? 6. How long you have known each other? 7. What’s the nature of your relationship with your partner? 8. Are you expecting? 9. Do you possess a degree & in what? 10. Are you doing a job, where & what’s your line of work? 11. Where were you born and when? 12. Do you hold your birth-certificate?

Several visa candidates–keen in New Zealand Immigration, under its various existing visa-classes–sometimes worry about likely New

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