Which Is World’s Best, Brightest Country for Immigration?

Whenever one thinks about immigration, the first thing that resonates in the head is the country that can live up to all their expectations. Basically, if one has to explain from a rational angle, then for obvious reasons, nobody wants to leave the country where they have grown, and spent happy memories with family and friends.

However, when circumstances barge in where they are left with no choice but to move, they would always look for the world’s best and brightest country for immigration. If the immigrant feels that after sacrificing family, love and familiarity, if they are getting a rather fair bet, they might vouch for the movement.

If you are someone–who is not satisfied with the growth in his native land, and you have some exceptional skills that can help you thrive in some other country–then you can always look forward to, well, you guessed it right, the US. This country is unique and it has the best environment and opportunities that would always let you reach higher in your life. If you are thinking of the US, then it is the best place to immigrate and settle abroad.

But, immigrating to the nation is never easy, you have to adhere to a great deal of requirements, and as it is rightly said, the country that offers the most benefits is the toughest to sneak through. The adage goes well with the US. Without a doubt, the world’s best and brightest country for immigration is the US, but the most simmering question is how to make it through to this wonderful hotspot in no time.

You can use the EB3 Visa to immigrate to the US. The best part about EB visa is that it demands less formalities and requirements as compared to EB 1 and EB2. So, the probabilities of movement are never bleak. But the first thing that you have to figure-out in the first place is the requirement back there in the US.

There is a provision for special class under Schedule “A” waiver. If you are involved in such work that is in high demand in the nation and you have mastered that work with considerable experience, you can definitely avail the schedule “A” waiver to facilitate your movement to the United States.

But for Schedule “A” certification, you cannot directly apply for the immigration. You must be sponsored by your employer, and only then you can move using this immigration visa. The employer must fill the ETA-750 form and specify your exceptional talents–and if the USCIS is satisfied with your skills and qualities–then only they would process the application. And, if it gets approved, then you can move to the renowned overseas destination.

There is also provision for Schedule B waiver application. However, unlike Schedule “A”, Schedule “B” is very difficult. In this style of immigration, the employer has to put in an extra effort to prove that you are exceptional among everyone else who have applied for this visa.

So, it all depends on you to identify in which category you fall and how you can facilitate your movement.

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