Wish to Know How to Immigrate to Canada from India

The ‘Land of Opportunities’, Canada, is, perhaps, the most favorable immigration hotspot for Indian immigrants. It offers a flood of rewarding possibilities and benefits to Indian immigrants and others. Right from helpful social security to excellent business/investment and job opportunities, from life-time free healthcare facilities to social assistance schemes, the Maple Leaf Country certainly provides all to those who immigrate to the country.

The rate of immigration to the nation from the different parts of the world, including India, is remarkably so high that the country has one of the largest Indian community places. British Columbia (BC), Ontario, and Toronto boast of one of the biggest India-born communities outside India. Actually, Canada has almost become a second home for lakhs of immigrants from this part of the world.

Are you also interested in Canada immigration? And, do you wish to know how to immigrate to Canada from India? If yes, you are at the right page! You can do so using any of the popular and widely preferred visa schemes given here under. Take a look and zero in on the stream which suits you the best, and more importantly, for which you are best suited!

i. Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program:  As it is well-known, it is one of the most famous visa schemes for the Indian skilled professionals who dream of Canada immigration. It is essentially a point based program. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has made public a list of 50 occupations that are currently facing a shortage of skilled professionals. If you are associated with any of the occupations, mentioned on the list, then your chances of immigration and being accepted are pretty high. However, you need to score 60 points on the point system. The application under the program is accepted only once a year, and it is to be noted that for the year 2014, the list of occupations has already been announced.

ii. Student Visa Program:  The ‘Land of Milk & Honey’ is world-famous for its top quality universities and educational centres. In fact, the country has one of the best acknowledged education systems across the whole world. Canada Student Visa is granted to the applicants who are interested in pursuing education in a recognized Canadian university/institute.

iii. Entrepreneur Visa Program:  It is valid for the aspirants with exceptionally innovative business ideas and proposals which result in creating employment opportunities for local people. The scheme aspirants ought to be able to contribute towards the Canadian economy. To be eligible under the category, it is mandatory to have a minimum of two years work experience in one’s native country.

iv. Investment Program:  The category is valid for people with mind and money. To acquire the permit under the stream, you must be ready to invest not less than C$800,000 in the nation.

v. Canadian Experience Class (CEC):  It is basically for the foreign students who have completed their education in the nation, and have acquired all the required skills necessary for the country’s national growth.

vi. Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP):  It is a comparatively an easy and fast-track option that permits each Canadian province to nominate people who wish to permanently live and work in their province. Each territory has its own particular program, and the provincial government–along with the CIC–executes the program.

Canada Permit Advisors

Applicants–who wish to Immigrate to Canada from India–can consult visa consultants at the Canadian high commission based in New Delhi, the capital city of India. The second option is to seek advice from a Canadian Immigration expert who will save your time and make the path rather easy and hassle-free for you. And thanks to their professional help and guidance, it is very much a possibility that you will eventually manage to immigrate to your dream destination sooner than you expected.

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