Wish to Know about Australian Skilled Migration Visa?

The much sought after Australian skilled migration permit is a permit offered by Canberra to allegedly inspire aliens having specific skill sets to duly present a submission for a permit, for the object of residing and/or getting fruitfully employed in the country.

Courtesy a particular scarcity or availability plenty of Australian nationals skilled in a specific skill set at a given period of time or area, the submission needs may vary. For instance, across some areas of Down Under, qualified engineers could be hard to locate, and hence a Regional Sponsored permit petition could be required.

However–in case the same client had to submit a petition for a Sponsored Migrant Visa–his petition would not be entertained due to the wealth of skilled engineers already exploring work-opportunities across the .

As for the obtainable 457 permit program, prior to employing any overseas employee, the recruiters will presently have to make public that they failed to come across a national of Australia for a specific work opportunity. Reportedly–courtesy the latest law–it will be mandatory for the organizations to duly advertise for a period of four months in print media for a job-opening, prior to offering sponsorship to an alien.

Talking about the development, the DIAC has allegedly observed that some recruiters/job-providers were importing their qualified labor requirements from outside the nation’s territorial jurisdictions, minus, at first, finding-out the availability, or otherwise, of the workers at the local levels.

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  1. Hi there.

    I am currently living in S.A. and working in the agriculture sector, do have a diploma in anmimal production en degree in agric management.

    Do I qaulify for a working visa for emmigration to Australie to live and work there, and where do I apply, steps that must be taken and how long would it take.


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