Why to Migrate To Canada?

Canada has been attracting the largest number of immigrants in the world. One of the main answers to the question why to migrate to Canada is that the country has one of the most open and welcoming immigration policies of all the countries. The Canadian government is aiming to give entry to more than 200,000 immigrants every year in the hope that these immigrants will contribute in the economical growth of the country.

Affluence and high standard of living are the two prominent reasons why Canada has been successful in attracting greater brains towards it. The United Nations has rated Canada as the country with highest living standards in of the countries. Hence for people, especially belonging to developing countries, getting a permanent resident visa and later on citizenship of Canada is nothing short of a fortune. Canada government is very much eager to encourage new investors, entrepreneurs and professionals who can contribute in big way towards the growth of the country. The country has long understood the value of educated youth and skill workmanship and that is why it is regularly updating and changing its immigration policy. The policies are changed according to the changing social atmosphere in the world including terrorism and also depending upon the feedback the Canadian government is receiving from several quarters about the difficulties people are facing in getting the permanent visa to Canada. So, if you want a prosperous, secured and growth oriented happy life, Canada immigration is the best decision.

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