Why & How Quebec is the Finest Immigration Hotspot?

In literal terms, Quebec means ‘where the river flows’. The French province Quebec is the second most populated province in the Maple Leaf Country, Canada. It is the only province in the nation that has French as its official language. It has a knowledge based thriving economy, towards its economical growth various natural resources have a vital role to play.

Very often the province is also referred as “La belle province” which means “the beautiful province”. Since ages, moving to the French province is a living dream of many business men, entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals/skilled workers.

Over the decades, the province has experienced inwards movement of immigrants from almost every corner of the world. In fact, over the years immigrants have largely contributed towards the economical development of the province.

Quebec is the only province in the country that has an impressive number of French speaking people. It is a nation within the country. In past, two times, the Canadian political history has experienced referendum for separation of the province from rest of the country. However, the Canadian people have voted against it.

Skilled workers, entrepreneurs and investors find it relatively easy to get through the tough Quebec immigration process.

High standard of living, quality lifestyle, well framed education system, excellent healthcare facilities, geographical location…these are just few reasons that make the province a heavenly place to live and work. Why and how Quebec is the best immigration destination is not really a difficult question to answer.

Now let’s talk a bit further as to why Quebec is the best immigration destination!

When one thinks of immigration, the first and foremost question that pops into the minds of applicant is social security, economic stability, and tolerance. The French province has almost everything. The geographical location of the country gives ample of opportunities to investors, entrepreneurs and skilled workers in various professions to come and contribute towards the economical development of the province.

Quebec Culture

In North America, Quebec is the heart of English as well as French speaking population. Its second largest city Montreal is a major attraction and is a cultural hub. Many governmental and non-governmental organizations support various cultural activities throughout the year.

Since decades, the province has faced many problems among other ageing population and skilled shortage is a major issue of concern. Over the period of time the province’s birth rate has declined, and to counter the prevailing issues, the Quebec Government aims to attract approximately 60,000 immigrants every year.

Opportunities for skilled workers are extremely bright in the nation. For them opportunities are available in various sectors, such as Information Technology (IT), health care and medical, education sector, tourism sector, engineering sector, business and finance.

The complete scenario of province is just perfect to start a new innings. If you are thinking of making province your second home, you must know as to why and how Quebec is the best immigration hotspot.

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