Why do immigrants do better in Australia than Canada?

The two largest countries of the world that select skilled immigrant using a points system are Canada and Australia. These countries enjoy privileged status as most preferred destination when it comes quality of life and standard of living. Both of these economies have been best in combating financial crisis also. Both of these countries have best of education facility. The economic prospects for both of these nations have tremendously grown.

Recently, there has been a great surge in immigration to Australia over many other popular country. Many find it an interesting field to study as why immigrants do better in Australia than Canada?Studies are being conducted to find whether the statement holds true or not. Many of the researches states that the opportunities are better in Australia.

In a recent research study which attempted to make a comparison between the labor market performance of groups immigrating to Australia and Canada concluded that Australia has better employment and earning opportunities. The study had a 20 years span from 1986 to 2006. Another reason why immigrants do better in Australia than Canada lies in their immigration policy. In 90’s they had made two major changes in their program which are:

1. Compulsory English language testing.

2. Pr-screening immigrants’ professionals to test that they meet Australian standards.

The per-screening hurries the process of credential recognition and provides the job in the requisite fields, thus making the immigrant not spending his time in doing jobs below his qualification. Most of the time immigrants with high qualification waste their time in driving taxis or serving at restaurants. This per-screening test would yield them to land in the job that best suits them. This is one of the major reason providing answer to the question why immigrants do better in Australia than Canada.

The climatic advantage also favors Australia. Winters in Canada are far more severe than Australia. People often find Canada fit for visit and not for stay. The per capita GDP is also higher in Australia than Canada. It also has lower unemployment rate along with higher young population. The younger employment opportunities are still better in Australia. Although the social security aspect and personal freedom aspect are better in Canada. These days’ people also find it more difficult coping with Canadian law.

Australia has emerged quickly as a popular immigration destination in few years. Indians have suddenly witnessed a surge in immigrating to Australia. Although Canada still tops the chart but the inclination towards Australia has been rather quick.

The individual preferences to choose the destination also holds a crucial fact in deciding about the preferred country. After all the major reason of satisfaction lies in what you seek and if you get that desired, satisfaction is certain.

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