Who Is Qualified to Create Australia Immi Account?

Chance to Get Immigration to Australia

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) throws many visa options to those who want to apply for Australian Visa. As per an estimate, more than 90 types of visas for Australia immigration are available. Several of these visas can be submitted online by creating an Immi Account.

What is Immi Account?

It is a one stop for all online services.It is basically a self-service web portal, developed to reduce the visa processing time and clear the huge backlog. Except the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) applications, all other online visa and citizenship applications are accepted under the Immi Account.  Using the same, you can check the status of your online visa application.

Once you gave created the same, you can change your password any time and keep it confidential. You can create an account if you want to;submit an online application for an Australian visa or citizenship, access ‘my health declarations services’; continue with a saved online visa application; import a paper application restricted for limited sub classes only; and update visa application details.

Who is eligible to create an Immi Account?

Anyone who is interested in acquiring an Australian Visa can create an Immi Account. It can be created on the behalf of the main applicant by a friend, family member or relative.A visa expert can also create the same on your behalf–either from within or outside Australia.

Is it possible to submit multiple visa applications at a time?

Yes, you can submit multiple visa applications at a time and pay the fees for the same. Payment can be made through credit cards in Australian Dollars, and if you have paid more than your visa fees, your money will be credited back.

Is it possible to change the personal details through the Immi Account?

Yes, it is very much possible to change the personal details unless you have sent the same to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for further processing!Thereafter, if you want to make any changes, you can fill the online form notifying the correct information.

Is it possible to withdraw the visa application?

If you want you can withdraw your visa application before a decision is taken on your application,send your written request either by e-mail, letter or submitting a FORM 1446 (visa application withdrawal form).  Your letter of withdrawal must have your full name, type of visa application, date of application submitted, address, reference number, and reason of withdrawal (optional).

For complete details, visit the website of the DIBP, or write to the counselor at the embassy in your country of residence.

Like stated above, anyone can create an Immi Account on the behalf of the main applicant.But, it’s best to have the same created by a visa expert.Such experts do not work on the method of trial an error and hence it’s sure that your account will be created appropriately.

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