Which is Best Country for Physiotherapists

The modern lifestyle and round-the-clock working hours have increased the demand for skilled Physiotherapist across the globe—especially in some specific immigration destinations such as; for instance, the US, Australia, the US, and the UK. The demand has increased significantly over the years, but when it comes to best country for Physiotherapists, the answer is arguably the ‘Land of Endless Opportunities’, i.e., Canada.

Why Canada is Number 1 Nation for Physiotherapists!

The Maple Leaf Country, i.e., Canada, is a highly developed nation. Living standards are very high, and the wages paid to skilled professionals perhaps the best in the world. Trained Physiotherapists get handsome wages in the country and are easily hired. Importantly, at the present, these specialists are officially wanted in the nation under the Code 3142.
Significantly, in the country, these professionals have developed an expertise in various areas, like Orthopedics, Neurosciences, Senior’s Health, Sports Physiotherapy, and Rheumatology, not to mention Women’s Health. There is a significant growing need for these experts with specialized expertise through the country. The demand for these professionals is extremely high in some particular areas like British Columbia (BC), Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Halifax, and Ontario.

Job Description

In Canada, these experts are responsible to assess the patients, plan and execute individually designed treatment program, to make the physical functioning better, prevent physical dysfunction, and also alleviate pain in the patients. The services of these experts are largely required in clinics, sports business, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals. They may also be fruitfully self-employed and earn good wages.

Key Responsibilities

Know let’s have a look at the major job responsibilities that these experts are required to deliver.

  • Review patients’ physical potential, or otherwise, and evaluative procedures for their improvement.
  • Establish and start executing treatment goals based on their physical diagnoses.
  • Plan and perform programs of Physiotherapy.
  • Weigh-up and examine the effectiveness and value of the treatment plans, and adjust them in view of that.
  • Act together with the referring physicians and other related healthcare experts involving patient’s issues and progress.
  • Continue an inventory of patients’ clinical and numerical records, and also check with the concerned healthcare professionals.
  • Develop and carry-out health programs for patients and perform study in their field.
  • Under the code 3142, following are the titles entitled to them
  • physical therapy supervisor
  • physiotherapist
  • physiotherapist, research
  • physiotherapy clinical co-coordinator
  • physiotherapy supervisor
  • registered physical therapist
  • registered physiotherapist
  • research physical therapist
  • research physiotherapist
  • supervisor, physical therapy
  • supervisor, physiotherapy
  • therapist, physical rehabilitation

Every professional wants to earn the best in industry and Physiotherapist are no different. However, the pay package paid to these professionals is not the best in the industry. A good start can be anything between $31,467 and $50,470 which is likely to increase with time and experience.

To provide your services to the ‘Most Peaceful Nation on Earth’, i.e., Canada, you need to have a university degree in Physiotherapy, and also a fixed period of supervised practical training. This is essential to practice in any Canadian province of your choice. You are also required to obtain a license or registration with a regulatory body along with a completion certificate of the Physiotherapy National Exam, administered by the Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulatory Boards.
No profession has a shortcut to success and Physiotherapists follow the same rule. Promotion to management positions—like; for instance, director of physiotherapy–is possible with time, and only through experience and practical training.

If you are a practicing Physiotherapist in your country but not paid as per your ability, then you have a really good choice. The ‘Land of Milk & Honey’ is ready to not only give you a rather warm welcome but also pay you as per your credentials and experience. Immigrate to the best country for physiotherapists!

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  1. Need some information regarding immigration to Canada

  2. I want to apply to Canada,can u giveme info

  3. I completed my diploma in physiotherapy can I apply for it my email ID is lokeshvemula143@gmail.com I will be waiting for your message

  4. I m going to complete my bachelors in february 2018 what should i do next if i m wishing to come to canada for work… ??

  5. After completing your bachelors you will have to take minimum 2 yrs of experience in your respective field to apply for PR Visa.

  6. Hello I completed my Bsc in Physical Therapy in 2017 and I am doing internship of which I have a remaining 4 months to complete ( internship period is 1 year). I am interested in coming to canada to practise. Is there any information you can provide me with?

  7. Hi,I just finished my bachlors of physiotherapy in march 2017, I wish to come to canada and work over there and want to further study in sports rehabilitation too.
    Pls help me.

  8. We don’t offer any type of job or work visa. we offer PR Visa and you should have to be 2 years experience before applying for PR Visa.

  9. hello..i am a physiotherapist with 9 year clinical experience. please guide me about the process for applying in Canada as a physiotherapist.

  10. Please Fill the Inquiry Form at https://goo.gl/iscJRd and Our Immigration Officer will Contact You as soon as Possible to Answer your Question on #Permanent #Residence in these Countries And Guide you through the Process.

  11. Hello
    I have done my masters in physiotherapy in 2015 and have 2 year experience in the same field. I am married. I want to apply for canda PR. Kindly suggest me.

  12. Hi, I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy and currently working. yes I’ve heard that a minimum of two years of experience is required to work in abroad. I need to know about the PR visa and the other requirements??? Pls do reply soon…

  13. Hi, Monica this side, i am having 6 years of experience i would like to know the whole procedure for immigration.

  14. Hi, I am Piyush Kumar. I completed my BPT in March, 2011. Currently I am working with Government of India, income tax department and side by side continuing my clinical practice. How can I apply for PR in Canada. Your valuable guidance would be highly solicited.

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