What is the Process of Canada Immigration Permanent Resident Visa?

January 25th 2017 brought even better news than what people might have heard on January 01, 2017. The number of ITAs for Canada Immigration Permanent Resident soared above 3508, 3508 to be precise, and the selection pitch mark dipping nearer to 450, 453. Never has this kind of trend been ever  observed in the Express Entry so far, since the launch of this program two years ago.

This spurt in the number of invites being issued has strengthened the element of optimism, with more and more people now looking forward to getting their applications and profiles accepted for processing under the EE system.

Currently, all of the 9744 people, who received ITAs after November 19, 2016, are in a position to submit their second set of applications that would subsequently be processed for Permanent Residence for Canada. The undercurrents of positive sentiment have, in a way, also been articulated by PNPs, run in various forms.


It can be easily observed on the basis of the past data and current trends, that the provincial nomination programs have proven to the silver lining in the confusing maze of Express Entry. Many applicants, assisted by experts, have been able to secure a place in the current race to the ultimate goal of Canadian Immigration PR visa. It has been possible due to their ability to cash in on the advantages offered by state based international skilled relocation programs.

Even the people who were unable to score a home run due to extremely low scores, sometimes as low as 250-280, have made it home by obtaining a sponsorship from one of the participating states. The nomination has a potential of raising the scores by a good 600 points. Scoring so many points puts those people in the fray for Canada’s Permanent residency visa.

That means there is no need to be paranoid if you are positively thinking of moving as a Permanent Resident to Canada. After all, all is still not over, but instead is yet to be unraveled provided you take a timely action. Believe it the Sun has just risen on the western horizon with the things heating up after a change of guard in the Maple Leaf country.

Just follow your dreams and positive instincts and start preparing today itself and get a free assessment about your chances of moving to the Canadian shores by filling up assessment form.

If you want to know more about Canada PR Visa mail me your query at saurabh.gupta@abhinav.com.

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