What employers keen to hire immigrant workers must know!

All recruiters/firms must obey the immigration laws of the land during the course of hiring immigrant manpower. Recruiting immigrant staffs requires a totally different kind of approach and thought process. The whole procedure must be nicely chalked-out and thoroughly planned.

Among many steps these are the key ones that must be followed by the recruiters before and during the course of hiring a candidate from abroad:


The employer must take the telephonic interview of the aspirants to save valuable time later onwards. When one screens the immigrant candidates over the phone, it makes things much clearer before the other party also.

Exchange facts/data

The recruiter should inform the candidates about the work profile, designation, and the particulars of one’s firm/organization, so that they can find out if they can really fulfill what may be expected from them.

Assess aspirants

He must guard against the widespread tendency of depending on just the orals qualifications of the candidate. It is crucial that the assessment is based upon several factors, and not just the experience related to work & skills. Personality–together with attitude–must ne given due importance while one is choosing an aspirant for a given job.

Pay H-1B employees handsomely

The employer should make certain that the needed salaries or wages are paid to the workers, lest he (the recruiter) lands-up paying BIG penalties, and is prevented from recruiting immigrant staffs for a specific time-frame.

Recruit just approved staffs

The recruiter must ensure that he hires only fully approved manpower. He must also nicely maintain the papers/documents related to the identity of the staffs and other particulars of the migrant working under him.

Know about permit scams

At times, recruiters/firms are party to the visa scams, so that they may recruit manpower at comparatively cheaper rates. Still, when this is brought to the notice of the concerned authorities, the firm/organization found involved in such frauds during the process of hiring migrants could face grave penalties. So, it is recommended that one strictly avoids such things.

Be specific on citizenship prerequisites

When a recruiter advertises for a given job, it is vital that he makes certain that the requirements for citizenship are made fully clear to the aspirants. Although there are specific classes of work–which are not up for grabs for the non-citizens–in case an employer hires an immigrant

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