What Comes Your Way If You Have Canada Permanent Residence Visa?

Canada ImmigrationCanada–also known as The Maple Leaf Country–has been lauded worldwide for its amazingly high living standards and lucrative business and employment opportunities. Immigrants from the different parts of the world move to the destination for mutual benefits. The Canada Permanent Residence Visa is one grand way to enable skilled immigrants stay in the country.

What is Canada Permanent Residence?

With the guidelines as envisaged by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Permanent Residence Visa allows the immigrants to stay in the popular hotspot permanently. With the prized status bestowed on the immigrant, s/he can live as a legal immigrant in the nation. At the same time, upon getting the Canada Permanent Residence, the aspiring immigrant will be entitled to get numerous attractive social and governmental benefits.

How Canada Permanent Residence Visa Can Benefit Holders?

Permanent Stay in Canada: Immigrants without a PR Visa can stay in the nation for just a stipulated period of time, but such is not the case with the ones with the Permanent Residence Visa. If you, as an immigrant, manage to get the PR Visa, in that case, it is possible to live in the nation permanently. At the same time, you can enter and leave the place, as many times, as you want to.

Application for Citizenship: Once you have immigrated to the destination under skilled job category, you can apply for the PR Visa. The PR Visa is the first parameter to apply for naturalization. Upon the completion of three years in the hotspot with the PR Visa, you can apply for the citizenship. Once you have become a Canadian citizen, it can help you socially and economically across the world.

Entitlement of Social Welfare: As a common immigrant, you will not be entitled to receive social benefits. If you are not a Canadian citizen, in that case, you might have to pay higher taxes, or if your country has signed Double Tax Avoidance Treaty with Canada, in that case, you might have to pay higher taxes. But upon getting the cherished Permanent Residency, you can enjoy several employment related benefits. You can demand minimal wages as promised by the federal stricture. Simultaneously, the Canadian citizens have to pay lower rate of taxation.

Sponsorship of Relatives: Once you have been naturalized, it will give you the right and entitlement to sponsor your relative from your country of origin to Canada. With the PR Visa, you can ask your relatives to come to the place and live there permanently.

For those who are looking for the Canada Permanent Residence Visa, they can apply under the Express Entry Programme. The scheme has been divided into the Federal Skilled Workers Programme, Federal Skilled Trades Programme, and the Canadian Experience Class Programme. You can choose any of these easy-to-follow immigration plans to ensure that you get the much sought after PR status.

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