What are the Requirements for Applying Canada PR?

Canada PR requirements mandate fulfillment of certain vital preconditions defined under various heads. The stipulations are considered to be the chief aspects of profiles of probable candidates, since having the qualities, as defined, can help ensure successful integration of people into the local surroundings, as well as derive economic benefits from the activities these qualified candidates undertake after entering the country.

A deeper look into the stipulations for permanent residency

Canada Job Bank

Canadian immigration system stipulates certain qualitative criteria that applicants must satisfy in full to stand a chance to be selected. Each of the programs, that lead to grant of permanent resident visa, has its own list of eligibility parameters: some general and some typical. You need to get clarity on these before you start preparing on your application.

It would highly advisable to understand the background of the preconditions, such as the government of Canada – to ensure a long term benefit for the local economy – wishes to rope in people who fall in the specified age category; have language compatibility within the specified limits; have skills that are desperately sought after by the local labor pools; and ability to settle down in the country without many problems.

Broadly put, we could actually look at this in detail too, like:


The federal programs seek people aged between 18 years and 45 years, while the province backed schemes welcome even slightly older people, aged 49. 


A post graduation or at least a graduation is deemed necessary for certain schemes though some of the programs also consider a diploma as an adequate qualification.

 Professional exposure

There is slight variation, as far as, the professional engagement of the applicants go. You would need to have 1-2 years of experience in your area of specialization.

 Linguistic skills

It is necessary for the candidates to be at par with the minimum stipulated language benchmarks, such as CLB 7 is a minimum requirement for any applicant to satisfy the basic requirement.

Settlement funds

Having these in your kitty is a must to establish the fact that you would be able to subsist during the transition period.

A job offer

This can provide you an additional boost if you have one from a Canadian employer, it should be a full time offer for an indefinite period.

Feeling inspired? Then you could start right away by filling in the free assessment form and supplying some basic details.

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