Ways to Immigrate to Canada

Canada has been remained the most happening place for immigrants for a long time and accommodates immigrants from many countries. Immigrating to Canada is
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sustaining any situations in terms of global economy crisis. One can migrate to Canada by following two important ways that have been mentioned following.

Federal Skilled Worker program (FSWP), it is the most important program that provides a great liberty to the visa holders to live and work anywhere in the North American country. Canada has announced to introduce some changes in the said program (set to be implemented in the next year) aiming to make it more responsive and fulfill the demand of workers in the labor market.

The new changes are meant to be truly focused on attracting young immigrants and also to cater the needs of the country’s economy. Besides, there are several systematic modifications have also been proposed to rectify the current program. Some important requirements include age and language proficiency got precedence in the new measures.

Besides, the country has reflected a new move in terms of ‘Federal Skilled Trade Class’ mainly for fulfilling the provision of all requirements of Canada labor market. The candidates who have already decided to apply for Canada immigration under this need to demonstrate a job invitation with a minimum tenure of 1 year.

Provincial Sponsorship Scheme – PNPs, many provinces in Canada got a liberty to run their own sponsorship program in coordination with CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). Canada gives such provinces a full authority to run the program in their own way and sponsor a foreigner as per the local aspiration. The applicants applying under the PNPs need to fulfill several requirements that include financial sufficiency, Work experience, Language proficiency and Adaptability.

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