Want Canadian Citizenship? Apply For Yukon Entrepreneur PR Visa!

Canada ImmigrationThanks to its modest lifestyle and high earnings, Canada is always looked upon as one the most enticing destinations. Economically and technological, it presents a blueprint of its neighbor, the US.

Rich in British heritage, the Maple Leaf Country is full of migrants from Britain and France and numerous other nations. Because of its economic freedom, low corruption rate, and robust economy, it is one of the most preferred immigration destinations amongst the aspirants.

Out of many categories, Yukon, Canada entrepreneur PR Visa provides them with an opportunity to reside in one of the most developed nations.

Immigration plans and rules in present days have laid a green corridor for youngsters and others who wish to deliberately change their lifestyle, earnings and who wish to add on “foreign return” tag to their status. With bright and innovative ideas Yukon welcomes experienced migrants to its province where they can bring astounding changes in their life and career.

Major Requirements

There are certain requirements that a young entrepreneur needs to meet while aiming hassle-free migration to the Maple Leaf Country. They are-

  • He should possess minimum 5 years of work experience in his business.
  • He needs to start his own business in Yukon.
  • He may take up an existing venture or a company.
  • It is expected that the aspirant will be able to create few vacancies for the residents as well.
  • For starting up his own business he needs to make an investment of 150,000 Canadian dollars, whereas, his personal capital should not be less than 250,000 Canadian Dollars.
  • Before entry into Yukon province, he needs to gather all relevant information about it so that he could sustain his living with ease in the province.
  • His communication skills should be at par with residents so that he can effectively communicate with them.
  • His experience and skill should meet with the requirements of the effective execution of the business.
  • Starting a business activity is just not enough.The candidate needs to participate actively in the working of the business by paying regular visits to the manufacturing place or firm.

Major Benefits & Rights

Once the candidate successfully claims Yukon, Canada entrepreneur PR Visa, he enjoys the benefits and rights that are enjoyed by the residents. The category overwhelms him with following virtues-

  • It’s seen that on seizing PR the earnings of the person shoots up thus enabling him to enjoy the best lifestyle.
  • He enjoys living, working and studying in the country.
  • Canada’s PR grants him with the authority of nominating his family members. He can send sponsorship to his family and friends.
  • The PR Visa allows him to invite his partner and dependents to the nation. On reaching Canada, they enjoy the same rights that are enjoyed by the migrants.
  • The PR Visa opens up ways for seizing the prized Canadian citizenship.
  • The PR Visa opens up gateways of assessing free education and many health benefits.
  • This also entitlesone to freely move to any other province.
  • The PR Visa also allows the lucky holder the right to work and settle in any province of his choice.

If you want to know more about Yukon Entrepreneur PR Visa mail me your query at saurabh.gupta@abhinav.com.

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